You would be more dedicated, but you have a job, a family, a life, etc

Yellia’s Prison is a casual mid-size alliance seeking a few new members who want to level up some heroes and always do their best in war. Most of us have defense teams in the 3500-4100 range, but we have no specific requirements for new members. The rules are let us know if you’re going to be offline for more than a week so we don’t assume you’ve just lost interest in the game, and opt out of war whenever you know in advance that you won’t be able to participate.

We aim for and usually achieve 100% flag use in war, but some of us have outside commitments that occasionally mean we’re not able to get to the game in time. We have a truck driver who sometimes gets sent to places that turn out not to have cell service, and some people who work jobs that need last minute overtime now and then, for example. As long as you communicate, we won’t kick you out for having real life obligations that occasionally interfere with gameplay.

We’re currently fighting mainly 5/6* titans, and flag use is preferred but not required. About 2/3-3/4 of us hit them regularly, with more people showing up when we’re facing a rare. We don’t ignore the titans, but showing up for war is our priority and everything else is considered optional.

If this sounds like a good fit, we’d love to have you. Feel free to ask questions here, or just look us up in game and join the alliance to give it a try.


Where are the reliable people who only want a small commitment? I know they’re mostly not here, and they certainly aren’t the randoms who come through our revolving door in game whenever we open up the alliance for a while.

Still seeking a few new players.

Come give us a try! Still in search of a few new members.

I like the sound of your alliance! Unfortunately, I already run a similar alliance of my own, and I’m guessing we both have too many members to merge.

Came here just to give your alliance a :+1: and to wish you luck in your recruiting! It’s always refreshing to know that there are still other “active casual” alliances out there. :slightly_smiling_face:


@TGW Thanks! We’ve got 15 I think at the moment. I’d like a few more so we can fight stronger titans without changing our playstyle.

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Totally get it! My alliance currently has 20, but they get busy sometimes, so we’re pretty much stuck on 8* titans. Which is good enough for most of us. High enough to give decent loot, but still low enough to be able to kill without full time dedication.

I only recruit friends and family of our current members (friends including anyone I know and like from the forum, if they’re ever looking for a semi-casual alliance)… so I won’t be trying to steal any recruits from you. I don’t trust randoms, so I don’t do active recruiting.

Happy to bump your thread though! Hope you find the few extra members you need. :+1:

Got a few new randoms, but they’re not looking promising. Didn’t respond to greetings in chat, and haven’t signed in for a few days. We’re about to find out if they bother to use war flags or not. May not be long for this alliance.

Still in search of some reliable casual players to build up our numbers.

Looking for a relaxed alliance that won’t pressure you to spend more time on the game than you have available? Give Yellia’s Prison a try.

Use your war flags or opt out, maybe pop in to chat every now and then.

Got any friends who are too busy to play in your own alliance? Send 'em my way!

Still seeking some new players. Come give us a try!

Want to bring a friend? We’ve got room!

I just saw your post about combining with Rainforest. Ive asked our members to check you guys out.

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