[SOLVED] Wilbur's Special Temporarily Modified


Correct. Just a minor fix release. :slight_smile:


Yes, 15.0.1 will fix the freezing - special skill change will be reverted back in version 15.1.

We have now released v15.0.1 for iOS as well - please make sure to update your game!


when it will be released 15.1. who owns wilbur should be compensated in some way, I have lost a lot for this.


Reparations are bad. Thx.


I have Wilbur but haven’t levelled him yet. I am genuinely curious, why are people outraged that his spirit link temporarily only works on allies? I mean it is obviously useful to have a spirit link on your team but when it’s on the opponent’s team, surely it’s to your detriment? I might be missing something here…


Consider this scenario: you’re running stacked reds in a Challenge Event and you get a run of red tiles down the right side. With Wilbur’s link on the foes, that could kill them all. Without it, you need to fire specials or develop red tiles on the left side.


It’s not working at all what the heck…it’s not distributing damage… I’m bummed out


It will be back in version 15.1


Yeah this is why I was totally bummed I did power him…:unamused::unamused::unamused:


Yeah and nobody should ever ever complain about fighting against him because what happens when u pull him?? Foot in mouth!! Lol


Good news, we have now reverted Wilbur’s special back! Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:


sweet, thanks @petri. I just got some gloves for Wilbur too!


Suprise! He was fixed as soon as event ended without the 15.1 patch. Shine up that tinfoil hat. Lol


So we now expect Wilbur to be re-nerfed immediately prior to each monthly event and fixed afterwards?


This really sucks…I was very excited to get Wilbur I love him and his buff that distributes damage on enemies had just stopped working… Please fix this and if they change his buff I am uninstalling this game. I’ve been playing for 2 years have probably spent over 100 dollars on this game and I finally got a hero I really liked and it’s not even working…


Please see [KNOWN ISSUE - Version 15] Wilbur's Special Temporarily Modified


So what are they saying that they took the best part of having him away? The even distribution of damage to enemies?? Not happy at all about it I was so excited to get him and loved using him not fair


Oh ok they are changing it back…oh thank God because I was so happy he’s my favorite hero in the game so far


I have the same problem with Wilbur.his ability totally suck.and he is a great tank.please fix him


Good day, I have a huge issue with Wilbur’s special. In raids he is useless because I realized that it’s also a benefit for the enemy to share damaged taken. Then the previous update made him so much better, to only share damage among allies, and let the enemy only lose defense. Wilbur became my favorite hero, until the newest update reverted it back to the crappy special. I beg of you, please consider to change it back, that only allies share damage. Because a special is supposed to aid only the allies and not the enemy. Thanks