[SOLVED] Wilbur's Special Temporarily Modified

Wilbur’s Soul Connection has a bug that may cause a battle to get stuck. We have temporarily changed Wilbur’s Soul Connection to only affect allies. The change is going to be reverted back to affecting both the allies and the enemies in version 15.1.

Apologies for the issue!


Ahhhh ok. Thanks for the update!

Best news I’ve had all day… Thank You !!!

Tough for those who had powered up Wilbur for Pirates this weekend. That link on foes is an important piece of his value. I’ll be glad when 15.1 restores it.


I’ll still use him to spread out the dmg taken

Sure, great on titans.

Against the pirate heroes too. Lol

Is that the decision is serious now, I used tools to upload it, I gave priority to everything to use it in the event, instead of another, because I have no healers nothing but kiril and purple, now I have •••• the event, for now in legendary and perhaps in epic. Who compensates me that decision at the wrong time? Who gives me the lost prizes? This game is a ••••.

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What??? Are you kidding us?
why lie? just tell us its because of event.
So much efforts, time, gems wasted collecting bomb attacks, tornadoes and other stuff for the upcoming event because being competitve at last to complete at high scores. Without Wilbur’s special I dont get any heroes for being competitve enough now, what a waste!!!

Never seen any bug or game stuck usin Wilbur. And I use him on every raid and titan hits for few weeks

I expect that this bug is when Wilbur is on defense, not offense. I haven’t seen a lot of Wilbur on the other side of the board.

But seriously, what incentive does SGG have to single out people like you and me who have invested in leveling up Wilbur? Yes, his utility in the event has just been slashed. But to attribute that to malice on SGG’s part is unfounded.


I will tell you that he caused my game to get stuck about two hours ago, AFTER they made the change.

I was auto farming S2 1-10 and had killed off the two flanking monsters when the game got stuck.

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Wilbur is game changer in the game (one of 4* like WU that is a must have).
On the events you have to agree that finishing other than top10 is a waste of materials. Their prices for finishing in top100 for me is total loss to invest efforts. So Wilbur abillity being nerfed a day before event is very frustrating because -

  1. Not everyone have this hero yet
  2. Some players that have this hero not understand his power yet
  3. Players like uclapack, zero and other that play this game for year+ and donate their life on events have a HUGE advantage and much more competitve
  4. This competition events are not fair at all, as new players or players like me that play 3-4 month, no have a chance to win a price.
    I have 8 5* heroes with 3/70 waiting for AM, and extremly important to hit some AM on this kind of events in order break AM wall.

The game develops further and number of players grow but prices are the same and not being changed accordingly. I think this one devs should consider.

Being all said, Im 100% sure I had some chance to get top10 with Wilbur’s soul connection.

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You do realize that “players like ucla pack, zero, and others” also realized how good Wilbur was, and already have him ready to go? This change is badly timed but affects everyone equally. If Petri hadn’t told us that they were going to restore him to the original design, then there would be some justifiably annoyed at having spent mats and feeders to ascend him. But there’ll be another event, and in the meanwhile he’s still great in a red stack against titans.

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Im pretty sure they do have maxed out Wilbur :slight_smile:

I just say awarding system on the events are not fair. I bet 10000$ if you let me play with heroes and troops that Zero have I will complete top10 easy.
Thats why we have same winners each event and they must change their awardings accordingly to the growth of competitors!

For example,
you play poker tournament with buyin of 100$ and guarntee of 10k$ that spread among top10 players and you have 100 competitors. So for sure you would play this tournament and is fair enough even you unskillfull player as luck involved.
Lets say one year later you have same tourney with 10k competitors BUT same buyin, same guarntee, same prize structure would you play this tourney again???

I wish could take you up on this wager. My son @Wharflord is a frequent event winner or top 10. He has a combination of intelligence, focus and swiftness that I can’t begin to match. I’d be willing to bet that you can’t either.

Here’s how you can prove me wrong: win Rare this weekend, 3* heroes that are easily available, 2* items that are cheap to craft. Winning Rare is pure skill. I wish you good fortune.

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You miss the whole point. I wish one of the devs see my posts about rewards.

I do not have 3* heroes maxed out, only hisan.

And again if possible, I give my account to your son and 10000$ if he completes any of this top#1 rare, epic, legendary.

If zero would give his account as well and I dont finish top10 in one of those levels I pay you 10000$ too ok?

@MakeSGGreatAgain, you’re missing the point that this is a thread about a BUG IN THE GAME, not a forum for you to complain about how they’re addressing it.

@Petri please note that the bug is not fixed with the Wilbur change. I literally just did three auto sessions on S2 1-10. The first two went off fine, and the last one “got stuck”. This is well after the Wilbur change. I’m afraid I wasn’t paying attention enough to get a feel for the conditions that caused the freeze, sorry.

dear Jalia
this bug cost me a ton of gems grinding hard in order to be competitve with Wilburs special that being suddenly nerfed a day before

About a bug

I think its caused by a boss of each level that Wilbur being as a monster, so they should fix him as well maybe not only player’s side

If it is a temporary error, why has the skill been removed from the card?

And we lose the awards for finishing legendary, the only important, and we put another 3 months of ■■■■ to raise a 5 *, but nothing happens, because SG will give us the same prize, right? But if it happens if you touch Geneva that adulterates the game, why not allow other tank heroes to be created? They could not do it after the event, it’s just our time and money does not it? Do not defend indefensible causes Kerri, is a shame more than SG.