Levelling Up Costumes

Apologies if I missed this somewhere else. On the costume details it says that duplicate costume items can be used to level up costumes. 1. How do you complete that task, as I haven’t seen anything about it? and 2. Am I correct in assuming that only the same costume can be used to level up another (I have 2 Melendor and know those can be used. But I also have 4 Tyrum and don’t have/plan to have and use him, so if I could use those to level up another even at a lower level, I would like to do that)? Thanks for your help!!!

Open you heroes’ roster.
Click a hero that has a costume.
At the bottom you have a switch “< equipped >”
Click right arrow and you’ll see a hero in the costume.
Now you can press “Level Up” button.

By default you’ll see a list of heroes that can be used for ascension. But there also be “costumes” button that will switch you to a tab with a list of costumes available for ascension.

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As SuuriKoira said, plus you don’t need more than one costume of each, so you can feed them away (and you can’t feed even the last one, it’s blocked) I definitely recommend to feed costumes to same colour for better xp (melendor to melendor, tyrum to tyrum or tyrum to rigard etc.).

A LOT of information about costumes can be found here: Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions


I’m closing this thread as it has a link to the faq.

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