Sneferu yes or no

I’ve just managed to pull Sneferu I would like to know if it’s worth materials to limit break and add in my heroe team, i’ve added a picture of my current team of heros.


He’s Khufu, but Purple. I would, if I was spending and pulled him.
Grats!! Good pull!


Yeah a good hero. Slow always worries me with heroes that chain like Khufu and Winifred. Once they finally charge, normally at least one hero is dead breaking the chain.

He is superior to Khufu (whose damage is being nerfed to match Sneferu’s and he only gives an ailment to one) as he hits just as hard to all enemies hit and gives an ailment that could possibly deal additional damage to all. He may see a nerf in the future, so just be aware of that.

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If Sneferu was in my roster then yes, I would 100% level him and get him to +20 and Limit Break him

Why not?

Good luck


Thank you everybody for all your info.

I got Him with 20 nodes not LB. And he HITS hard I like everything he has going on for him (passive). But he has an error I’ve posted it. The last portion of his special skill is not working correctly. But overall I’m having A Lot of fun with Him and camila. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

So its a Yes Limit break Him 4 sure. Congrats on your pull. :muscle:t3:


I had a bit of luck and pulled two copies of him. I may fully ascend both copies. He seems tough. I would also be afraid of an upcoming nerf, but what can you do?

What would be the best emblem route for him?

From one of my teammates, I was told that every hero should go the defense route, because they’re useless if they get taken out before you can use them. I guess it depends on how you’ll use them, but I take his advice 90% of the time. Sometimes the offensive stats are so awesome, I want to pump them up even more.

No, that’s not good advice at all. Almost all the time you should play to the strengths of a hero.

The sword path (sword+defense over sword+health) should be taken for most offensive heroes. Here’s another take on that. A sniper that fails to take out a threat kills your whole team.

If you’re playing against a defensive W formation with Hathor and Aramis as the fronts you’re not going to win a defensive battle in most cases. You need to take one out rather fast so you need all the firepower you can get.

Also, with how offense vs defense work, your damage will be significantly less if you never can get higher attack than the opponents defense. And if you’re stacking colors those hundreds of extra attack power will certainly be noticeable. I would wager that your friend doesn’t top the Titan damage list, unless he’s the only one using Tornado regularly.

The mana node can be a bit tricker to choose or not, often you have to give up a damage node to take it. If it’s a hero you never put on defense and those 2% won’t help you reach a new breakpoint you might as well take the damage node.

Some heroes aren’t as clear. Aqeela for 3 star tournaments is up to your preference. Her level 60 buff is an attack buff and you will get more use out of it if going attack. But if she’s often on defense that defense is important so her dodge can help more, especially important in no heal tournaments like the current one. I did go defense personally for her.

I’ve even met Treevils that were full offense and those hurt, while the defensive ones certainly will help a lot if it isn’t a rush tournament. If you have emblemed Lianna for example I would advice to save up some food and take her down the attack route if she currently isn’t.

Don’t take just my word for it, check out what others think. If over 80% go for the same option, that’s probably the better way to go. Unless you have something a bit more niche in mind for a particular hero which is fine too. But if it’s an attack hero you most likely mainly will use in a 3-2 attack team in war, go attack.


Thank you very much for your information is greatly received and much appreciated

I much prefer shield path for all heroes especially with the new base attack stats, lb & 2lb, I’d rather my heroes stayed alive longer.

Sometimes they stay alive a shorter time when doing that. If you have older heroes or do WotK and fail to kill the mid with Arthur and Alasie because your attack was too low that Alfrike tank won’t help you stay alive longer.

People can do whatever they want with their heroes, I’m not saying anyone can’t do a defensive sniper. But don’t give that as advice to new players if the choice isn’t optimal. Direct them to a larger discussion about emblem choices and let them make their own mind up.

I wouldn’t take those two against Alfrike

Well it’s 12 attacks, they go to my 9th team or so. I tend to save up until I have all my 12 and attack the 12 strongest I see. Seem to go 8-4, did that the last three times. I leave the scraps from failed attacks to others.

Last one was something like 5 Alfrike, 2 Ludwig, 2 CFreya, Bera, Lu Bu and something Green. I feel like it’s been a while, next one will be nasty. I’m not attacking more than 3 Aramis.

Yeah those latter wars get harder so I prefer the boosts now but I’d rather take yellows, overhealers and mana controllers against Alf even if they aren’t legendary.