Phenexa or Khufu?

Is anyone worried Khufu will get nerfed? That’s my biggest concern and why I’m consulting you guys/gals right now. I have both phenexa and Khufu at 3/70 ready to go.

I will say I need probably 2 more healers for war so she would be great especially in red. Plus titans. Then khufu is slow but he’s just a monster. I’m wondering who I’d get more use out of. If anyone has khufu what do you think of him and how do you use him?

  • Khufu
  • Phenexa

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It’s hard to say if he will get nerfed, but regardless I say Phenexa! You wanted her from that portal and you got her, don’t have second thoughts and don’t look back lol. Do it, push the button :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You need another healer and you can’t go wrong with her, her secondary effects are amazing!

don’t understand the question. both!

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Based on the poll you were right lol!

I use Khufu in pretty much every raid with ludwig. He deals so much damage it is just ridiculous! Especially if a def down hero has fired first…usually a team wipe!

@Starkyboy87 I decided to play with him on some friendly raids at 3/70. He is hitting crazy number for being at 3/70. I think that sold me and I agree, maxed this guys gonna be insane. Gonna give it 24 hours and then decide. I have Ludwig as well and that’s who I was raiding with hah. Appreciate your post!


So tough. I was lucky and got Khufu on a single pull. I leveled him quicker than any hero I’ve ever done and he amazing to use and make my defense which was already tough even tougher. That said, I feal the nerfzilla coming inevitably. I voted Phenexa because she’s the perfect support hero and I think your roster is already pretty deep.

Either way you win!!

Concerned? No. I can’t wait for that day to arrive. Believe me, it’s coming.

I think ultimately I’m giving the rings to phenexa. She’s not getting nerfed, I just raided with her in the top 100 at 3/70 and it was fun as heck with that crit. Alright I’ll be back with her all pretty like lol!

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Here ya go…thanks everyone! Ultimately I’m worried khufu will get a nerf. If he doesn’t, I’ll level him in the near future. But experience has taught me I might want to wait.

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Went against a Ludwig tank flanked by quintin and khufu. They wrecked me good. I guess even a ludwig-khufu combo is certainly challenging at least.

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It was a good decision and you won’t look back! Are you going to also use her for titans? Man jealous as to how many monk emblems you have :sweat_smile:

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Khufu is a menace to society lol. They’ll sell a legendary ascension offer and if I’m still feeling it in a month or so I’ll level him.

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I am having soooooo much fun with her. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the crit to hit. I only had two reds on my team, phenexa and Oceanus. With both going, single tiles were hitting for 800+. It’s so cool to see someone get smoked by crit. Only two red heroes, I was blown away. It really helps my play style. I usually go 3/1/1 or 2/2/1 so having added tile damage is extremely helpful.

I will 100% use her for titans. That was another reason I leveled her, the crit and she meshes well with Oceanus. She’s unique, I have a lot of red hitters actually, I didn’t realize it. Red is my strongest titan team color.

Happy with the decision so far, thank you @kmwlew

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Have you looked at what synergies you have available with the buff duration resret aspect of her special? That is really quite powerful. I use it to get near invulnerability when I extend Luigi’s special to 7 turns


Luigi is a great example, but costume Sif is pretty great with her, along with Emilio and Freya. Extended defense, counter attack and ailment immunity!