Khufu or Elizabeth to max and LB

I have both Khufu and Elizabeth at 3/70 and the mats to max only one. Who would you guys choose? Tough decision for me.

Khufu is just about the strongest hitter in the game. I’d go that direction.

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Khufu!! So strong and powerful plus burn and sand damage.

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Shouldn’t be tough at all. Khufu is the super easy choice.

My Khufu is + 20 and LB

My Lizzie is sat at 4-80 after I stripped her emblems.

Read into that what you will :joy:

go ascend and lb khufu quickly and enjoy him for a moment before he gets nerfed

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I think its a unanimous decision! Khufu it is guys and thanks for helping me decide

I LB my Elizabeth+20 and haven’t used her in over 3 months.
It was a waste of mats and ether.

Im glad i asked you guys then. Im pretty sure ill get around to her one day but im new and have very limited mats.

I almost maxed Klaern because he was the only blue 5* i had but luckily pulled Adalinda yesterday from covenant so shes getting everything.

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