Slow mana legendary defence position

Hi guys
I want to use two slow mana legendary in my defence team with Wilbur
I have costume Quintus, costume Elena and Isarnia
I think use Wilbur as tank or flank and I want to use a healer as tank or flank so there is one place empty as flank and I use Quintus there
So I need to know is that ok to use a slow mana legendary as wing, if it can be done which one in which side?
And another question is there any problem using same colour hero in defence team?
With equal power is there any difference between rainbow defence team or coordinating colour. Thanks a lot

Slow heros are fine, but it would depend on the level of your heros and troops you can use. Obviously they need to be sturdy enough to take a pounding and slow heros become a lot faster with high level troops.

You wouldn’t usually put a slow hero on the wing, as they may never get to fire their special. Having said that though, MN and Alby are the exceptions, and they would typically own the left wing so that if any heros are defeated, they can resurrect them back into the battle - super annoying!

If you place the same coloured heros beside each other, the opposition can stack the strong colour when attacking. Just makes you an easy kill.

This is ideal as the attacker can’t cover every colour unless they go rainbow.

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The exception to slow heroes on the wing are the healers…MN, Alby… .but on the left of course


Lol… I just edited that into my post. Great minds :wink:


About troops I have both kind of epic troops for all colour and I level up mana troops up to level 12 and I am doing that
I am kindda have to use of thoese 3 slow hero as wing and all are level 70 and I can full ascend them I did not just because I dont know how arrange my team and which one is better

In a lot of situations emblemed 4* are better on defense than 5* heros @ 3:70, although they won’t keep you in diamond. Add a costume, and some of the S1 4* are awesome. I’ve faced a fully emblemed Boldtusk and he revived 4 times - super annoying!

I’d put Elena in flank to take advantage of her counter attack special. We’d need more information on the rest of your hero roster to make an informed opinion on the best defense team. FWIW I wouldn’t put Wilbur on your defense team and having Elena there as well, too easy for a blue stack.

Here my rooster
I have all season 1 epics
Isarnia,Richard, C Elena, C Quintus, Malosi, Obakan, Zocc are my 5*
My epic with costume are Rigard, Melandor, Sonya
Other epics Wilbur, Gulinbursti, and some other realm or family that I dont level up but if u said I can do it fast
I need your help tnx

personally, i’d go Obaken, C elana, Richard, zocc, malosi… just off the top of my head. I like rainbow defenses.

Here is photo of my rooster

OH i see!
Let me change my answer then.
Sonya, Costume rigard, costume elena, malsoi, scarlett maybe?
good heroes. Keep growing

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Elena as tank?
Now I use this
Sonya, Rigard, Wilbur, Cademon and Malosi
Sometimes when I am offline I win all raids and once I reach diamond league because of my defence team
This team not bad
But I thought this one is better
Sonya, Wilbur, Kashhrek, Quintus, Malosi
Just need to stay alive until wilbur and Quintus attack
But I change my mind
Now Every day I think about new team and power some hero and I change my mind and try another one
I completely confused

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I would focus on the following 4☆ before doing any of your 5☆(i would stop ascending even those at 3/70 in pos of these):






Finish Kashhrek


Maybe Sabina


Remember that the 4☆ heroes are the main source to reach end game content and to be relatively competitve. They will improve your performance in every aspect of the game and help to get the mats for those luxury and expensive 5☆


The thing to remember about any defence, any team can be beaten. If you wake to bonus cups, awesome don’t change a thing.

If you’re pushing towards diamond, I’ve seen a number of C Quintus and C Elena, Richard is an OK tank too. AMs are scarce and if you’re not already, I’d advise joining an alliance hitting higher level titans, as its the best and most regular source of non-farmable AMs.

In the short term though @TheWizard has given some great advice and I’d try out @KahlanAmnell team suggestion too.

Thanks guy, I know every team can be beaten and it depends on the board and hero, but I want to use the best of what I have

Don´t tank with a 3.70 hero, He is dead against 5 tiles of 3 stack strong color.

wouldn´t change your defense team. Slow heroes on the wing, maybe for wars: Vivica, Kunchen when field aid can be painful to kill. when spending last flags. and those heroes who revive (Heimdall and CO)

I wouldn´t use classic Kashrekk as tank at high platinum / diamond . He is great at high gold but his utility fades away at higher tiers.

Another option could be: Sonya (debuff) C-Rigard (attack bonus) Malosi (He is your strongest hero and his defense can´t be debuffed) Wilbur and the last hero one of your choice… If you max Tiburtus and place him in the right flank (Wilbur on right wing then) Your team could be very dangerous.

Sounds right thanks
So up to level up Tribus what do u think is good to be instead of him
I read a lot about him and all say he is good in defence team and I had plan to level up him

Guys I should add now I get costume of Cademon too

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Good hero and the costume is good too!

You can only play with the heroes you have. While it would be better to put fast heroes on the wing, you can’t do that if you don’t have any.

There are some posts about the ideal placement of heroes that you may find useful.

You’ve already received some good advice. There is another rule of thumb that you should put weak colors next to strong so that as an opponent stacks blue against your red tank, some of those blue tiles will “splash” onto your blue hero and thereby charge her/him. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but a consideration.

I would reconsider pairing Wilbur with Isarnia since they both have a defense down special. Wilbur’s is higher, but as @Sarah2 points out, if you stack red on defense, you’re making it easy on your attackers. IMO, rainbow is the way to go – there are both exceptions based on your roster (for a while I had Hel and Seshat flanking my Guinevere tank but as soon as I got Telluria, I went right back to rainbow) and some folks who philosophically disagree.

Who do you have for blue, yellow, and green heroes?

Btw, of the three heroes your mention, Quintus, Elena, and Isarnia, I think Isarnia makes the best tank. Quintus deals damage, but Isarnia’s defense down will make subsequent tiles more damaging. Just my opinion.

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Note Elena and Wilbur are also a very counter synergistic combination too. The shared damage from Wilbur decrease the damage reflected back to the enemy heroes making it pretty worthless and Elena’s pretty weak without the reflect damage.

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