SH25 base setup - which building should I let go?

Thank you folks, looks like sacrificing Barracks is the way to go - this way I am only losing a few points in PoV but I should be able to finish it anyway - just a bit later.

You’re still using the word “sacrificing.” As long as something is not in use (which is frequent for at least the barracks, forge, and hunters lodge), you are not sacrificing anything. In 10 seconds, it’s back!

I’m in a similar situation and will have access to HA in 2 days. I’m thinking of using a mine to convert to HA (it lets you do that right?) since I always have excess iron. At least temporarily. Later on, I will probably do what ERROR4 and littleKAF do.

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10 seconds, or 7 days if your builder is busy doing some useful…

For those of us not VIP, the easy flip option isn’t attractive until there’s nothing good to build


I don’t have vip most of the time anymore. But my base is built out so I don’t have to worry about competing upgrades. If you have competing upgrades, that has to be managed in there too - I agree with you.

If you mean seven days due to competing upgrades, that is possible. If you mean seven days due to mass usage, I don’t see that with barracks, forge, and hunters lodge.

But again I do agree with you that you have to consider competing upgrades if your base is not built out. May I suggest doing troop upgrades after building upgrades? It’s fast. Then you “sacrifice” barracks for a while but bring it back quickly when your upgrade is done before you start a new upgrade.

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For this to apply you must have finished ALL possible buildings to max.

Dunno if this applies to OP.


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