🔵 [Sept 02, 2020] Trials of Strength – Guide, Sharing & Discussion

Pretty fun Trials for me :star_struck: Finished all levels used a few bombs on final to speed things up, no Reset Emblem.

Gravemaker +5
Guardian Panther +1
Boldtusk +18
Magni 3.70


Last trial´s team (long time ago)

Today´s team. When I have Bold and LJ full leveled I´ll try 3rd stage.


Did with costume richard, Jott , Boldtusk, Boldtusk and Grimm.

Emblems i will keep and trainer for grazul


Same team as the last time, Jott got some emblems and BT went up some levels.

Set up a blue diamond for Jott.

Setting off the dark diamond created barrage of tile cascades that sent Azlar and Elena off, all went very fast. No item needed.

More barbarian emblems to Jott, Fighters and trainer saved.


Delilah +18
Elena +4
Atomos +18

Easy, easy… counter attacks are very effective against Azlar and Elena boss herself.
Fighter emblems go to Elena costume
Barbarian emblems go to Gormek


Same team
Last time Tyr was +11

Saved plenty of reds

Made a gem and blew junior to bits

Nailed the big boy after he burnt me

She shot me but managed to stay alive, just

Emblems for Tyr, maybe more on Azlar
Trainer saved


Rudolph #3 ate the trainer.
Malosi upped to +13.
Not enough fighter blems yet.


Slightly better than Metallica’s version, slightly :wink::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Red & Blue - On the bench there is Malosi4/61, Little John+20.

With Miki and a good board it was an easy one for me. Azlar fired once, but too late. Emblems stored for Dame Loki and Malosi, Namahage or Nordri. Trainer to Dame Loki now 4/56.


Classic hero challenge. Some big hitters here. Both Elenas went off and created a counterattack storm. Sacrificed a couple of heroes to complete quickly rather than wait out the counters after enemy Elena died. Short but high kill battle on both sides. Used a couple of antidotes and minor health pots.

Emblems and trainer banked. No reset.


Same team as last time:
Boldtusk (now at +18)

Squishy grimm died from slashes, sumi from ripost.
Started bossstage with all special loaded, and azlar quickly died (most blue tiles under azlar). Nashgar next, and then Elena (who of course revived the first time). Emblems stashed, trainer to Bauchan for next weeks tournament.


Gretel +14 - BT +10+costumebonus - Miki 3.70 - Grave +6 - C.Joon +3

Easy easy that i almost doubted i was still at the second level, not at the final one. Final battle lasted no more than 20/30 seconds and, needless to say, no boss had a chance to fire his special :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
When i first received Miki as a gift, i was quite neutral about him. Now i think he’s one of the best heroes of E&P. Even at 3.70.

Barbarian emblems for Gravemaker, when they will be enough for next node. Fighter emblems saved for when i decide who between BT and Colen i want to bring to +20 first. Trainer to Domitia.
No doubt there wouldn’t be a reset token. :smirk_cat:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Try more blue, so Poseidon out, Magni in.
Other Option:


Decent start on boss stage, good board.
Mobs are very strong slash attack, did not notice my emblemed Grimm is dead.

But everything is fast and finished without items.


Emblems and Trainer keep in stock for now.


Took this used health and mana and one axe was going fine to elena went off after a unwanted cascade haha. Also must of revived about 5 times lucky had burn on her.

Fighter to Kingston barb and trainer in storage


Same team as last time

Forgot to take a team pic, Kage is at +6 and Kingston is +15.
Much better results with same team as last time, boards were quite a bit better. Used an axe and an antidote early on, but once Delilah got started I was in the clear. Boards fell off later in the match but still had plenty of heal and minions to help them all survive until matches started happening again.
emblems saved for now, trainer to Ursena who’s up to 4/65 ish.


Completed with Boldtusk with costume bonus, Grimm, Costume Richard, Magni and 2nd Magni with costume bonus.
Had a decent board. Didn’t need any battle items


I beat all levels for the first time :smile_cat: My team was: Delilah (2/38), Obakan (2/53), Colen (+17), Grimm (3/36) and Renfeld (+3). I took with me: bombs, axes, arrows and potent healing potions. I had to use all my items but I was very pleased to beat the final level for the first time :slight_smile:

I’m saving my barbarian emblems but I’m not sure whether to take Colen up to 19 with the fighter emblems, or whether to save them for now. I fed the 3* trainer hero to Ei-Dunn :slight_smile:


Same team as last time:

BT - Gormek - Grimm - GM+11 - C.Sartana

The trials gave me enough emblems to get GM to +12. Still holding off on using my fighter emblems and have ~750 in stock. Will have 850+ after PoV. Red trainer to Azlar. I’m running out of meaningful red heroes to level. Almost maxed my Colen and will then bring Azlar to 3/70. Hopefully I pull Marjana from TC20 soon.


I used Malosi, Killhare +7, cJoon +14, Gravemaker +14, Boldtusk +18. No problems at all. This is one of the easier trials for me. Barbarian emblems to Gravemaker, Fighter emblems to Killhare. The trainer hero went to Black Knight who is now 4/63.


Late posting, but I want to get this one down, as I did make major changes to my lineup. My team this time:

  • Poseidon +11
  • Magni 4^76
  • Boldtusk +c20
  • Grimm +15
  • Little John +20

With three red bosses, I am finally ready to pull the trigger on switching in some blue heroes. Grimm replaces Gormek +20 for defense down, while Magni checks in for Azlar 4^80. I could have swapped sniper for sniper and replaced Poseidon (who is up one talent over last time) instead, but Poseidon has a ton of emblems, and he’s more durable, in case things went badly. (Also, I finally remembered to bring antidotes instead of axes, as carpet bombing is highly unlikely to be necessary, and the ability to clear Boss Azlar’s DoT could be important.)

Mob waves were not bad at all, and BT is the MVP for allowing me to save healing potions. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a blue diamond on the board, which pretty much couldn’t have worked out any better. Fired everyone at Elena, and she was a hurting unit from turn 1. After the blue diamond, she was gone, although she triggered that annoying revive a couple of times, so I focused my second round of sniper blasts on Azlar, who also went down quickly. I think Nashgar did manage to get one special off, but this one was easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Been playing around with Magni a little more lately, and he is as good as advertised. I miss Azlar’s DoT, but Magni’s fast mana, strong tile damage, and nuclear special win the day.

Grimm falls just short of another talent on the barbarian tree. Fighter emblems banked, probably for Poseidon, since I’m past all the really expensive nodes, but I’m honestly now itching to give Magni some love. Trainer hero to Sumitomo, which just shows that I’m serious when I say I’ll max one of anybody.


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