🔵 [Sep 11, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team last time.

My team this time. I replaced Jackal with Marjana, primarily for her survivability. I am not fond of running two colors here, though.

  • On the bench: Tony Danza, Jackals #1 and #2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna
  • Up and coming: Musashi 3.64

Got to the bosses without issue, with everyone ready. I had to drop a bunch of off-color tiles on these guys, which meant a lot of specials going off on me. Red tiles and Marjana’s burn took care of Skittles. Dom took her shot at Marjana, but could not take her down.

I burned some mana and health pots getting through their specials, and some bear banners to flip the debuff.

In the end, Dom stands alone.

Trainer to Magni, emblems to Mitsuko and the Scarlett and Jackal Emblem Fund.