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Im looking for a forever home . long term alliance. I hit titan daily i use my flags. I have an odd sense of humor . I work blue, i must have been a sailor in a past life. Adult group. I tried a few recently, not thrilled by what i see.

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You can visit us at Guardians Ascending, we are an organized group of folks. We’ve been stringing 14’s and coordinate war tanks. We are part of the Guardians family of alliances with several Line groups if you’re into that.

Hi Stanagde,

We welcome you to drop by Darkness Shines and take a look.

We are currently hitting 11* Titan. Dropped from 12*, as a few members left us, due to work commitments and real life family commitments.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

I cuss like a sailor preferred language on game is anything but english so cussing is permitted (bless you for your ignorance great ai in the sky).

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Check out TBD:part deux. @Bruton @Macaque1902

International alliance, lots of great people, very knowledgeable. Language set to not English…to get around the filters. Was my second alliance, and I still pop back by to say hello.

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Bearcats might be for you. Reach out on discord and we might be what you are looking for. G8slord on discord, I think you would be a great addition.

Im on line not discord

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East of the Equator has a couple of openings
Stringing 14 star titans and use all flags in wars
Just hit the link below and it will bring you to our welcome channel

Hi Stan,

Come and give us a go at HamNation. We are a friendly bunch with a core nucleus of players who have been members for several years. In recent times we have let a few people go due to lack of participation, and have lost a few who have chosen to quit playing. We are currently rebuilding and would love for you to join us. We are currently at 18 members, hitting 11 and 12* titans. Two simple rules, hit titans and use flags if you opt in to war.
Hopefully see you soon?


Check out the Ascendant Family, we have 7 alliances, I am sure one would be a good fit. My line id is maniac58330

Chuck our name in … Maybe full as recuiting all the time … :star: Apex-predators :star: (sos)

@ me if interested

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Is using Discord a deal breaker? Because it sounds like you’d fit right in with us!

7Titans Misfits is looking for people who want more out of their alliance – who pull their weight and expect others to do so as well.

• Fresh war chest!

• 13-14* Titans

• Hit the titan when online FIRST THING. If you have time to log on, you have 90 seconds to hit the Titan. Nobody likes to have to flask to pick up the slack.

• MINIMUM of 4 titan hits per titan. Everyone helps to pull their weight

• All War flags used if you are opted in.

• Adult language – we have no filter and like it that way.

• Freedom of speech is encouraged - just don’t be a jerk

• Discord is a MUST for effective alliance communication as in game chat has its limitations.

7 Titans

If Misfits isn’t the perfect fit for you, we are just a part of the family of alliances under the 7Titans banner. We work together using Discord sharing strategies and useful information. Everyone has a different play style, and the best alliance for you is here.

We have a spot open now, hop on over if you haven’t already found a home. I think you would be a good fit. Bearcats

LOBSTER STEW… 24/30 atm. Theres plenty of silliness in this soup, but theres alway room for more!

Just use war flags if opted in.
Purple tanks
Have a few 5000+ D teams and majority of others 4800+, but no minimum req.
9-11* titans and usually only use flasks on rares

We use Line for outside/easier communication, but thats optional.

Stop by and give us a try or msg me here or on Line.

Steamed is better, with drawn butter

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You have to alter language from english to oh… polski for a few hours and you may speak freely

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True story!

We take all our extra titan parts and add 'em to the stew. Some of these titans… need more than steam and butter to go down…lol

My Bobcie wouldve been able to speak freely. Im afraid im limited to the foods. Kapusta, golumkis, kielbasa and pierogis are most of the polska i know… i live it all tho!

You seem twisted enough the language thing though

When you change alliance language to kielbasa then cussing works. It takes a few hours
When you see alliances with different languages and they chat in english its them scooting around moderators