SavageWolves is looking! Promotions are a possibility

All we ask is that you have 12 personal references and 20 years of work experience… Just kidding! We take all players as long as they are friendly and active! War is optional but if opted in you must use 6 flags and 3+ hits per titan is a must. We’re not cruel though, if personal stuff comes up that will affect your activity just let us know and it’s not a big deal we’ll just ask you opt out of war until you can come back

If you’re a stronger active player looking for a leadership role we might be the place for you! We’re currently looking to fill some elder roles with active players who participate in the alliance discussions.

We use the in-game chat and What’sApp so if you’re chatty that’s a plus but if you’re not we just ask you respond when prompted so we know you saw it.

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