Santa's Challenge Last Stage Advaced - How to win with only 4 star

Here’s the tutorial how to beat Empires and Puzzles Christmas Event “Santa’s Challenge” Last stage when you have to beat 3 bosses which are: Mother North, Santa and Buddy to get the Rings with only using 4* heroes:

Step by step:

  1. Our main object is to kill Mother North (green) and Buddy (green) first. So to make it easier we have to bring 3 or 4 RED heroes (a.k.a stacking reds) so the RED tiles will become very powerful when it hit them.

  2. Last stage advanced is very difficult if you don’t know how to do it, but by bringing proper items it will act as a shortcut to kill the bosses faster. The items are: Axes (x5), Bombs (x5), Dragon Attacks (x5) and Time Stops (x5)

  3. Be careful when u face moster mobs from the stage 1 to 3. Because u don’t want to use any of the items you brought yet. U have to bring at least 2 healers to heal your heroes along the way.

  4. Before entering the bosses area, make sure all your heroes mana fully charged. (on the stage 3/4), before killing last monsters, ghost tiling until all your heroes mana bar are full.

  5. The first time you have to do when facing the boss stage is DON’T do anything except THROWING ALL axes, bombs and dragon attacks. If you do this the damage done to all 3 bosses is about 4500 damage, leaving their HP only about 1200 HP. This is what we call the shortcut.

  6. Now use your special and shoot MOTHER NORTH first. She is no.1 priority to be killed, the second one is Buddy.

  7. Because you stacking RED heroes, then every red tiles that are hitting Mother North and Buddy will gives them great damage.

  8. Remember you still have 5 Time Stops. Use that items anytime if you see any of the boss ready to shoot his specials . Time stops will cause the bosses lose all their mana for 3 turns.

  9. U will win this last stage easily if you follow this suggestion.

  10. Happy playing and congratulations on the rings.

Note: this throwing items strategy (axes, bombs and dragon attacks) works on every event also. So do this strategy anytime you face tough event bosses.


Just remember to maximize your damage by casting Wilbur before G. Falcon (you did right with Boldtusk as first activation) and to do so that every hero would be hitted by his AoE.

Yes agree. You are right, Thank you so much fravit :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that!
I just finished it with 5x70s: Rigard, Scarlett, Gormek, Azlar, and Sabina. Worked even with a few of my slip-ups.