Ruskin505 is looking for a new home

Hey all, it’s time for me to find a new alliance.

About me:

  • My hero plan
  • I’m f2p so my roster falls more and more behind with each new content drop
  • I have 3 level 29 troops and 2 more at level 23 working towards 29 (see hero plan)
  • I can get top 5% in Mythic Titan
  • I’ve gotten top 10K in each Clash of Knights Alliance Quest
  • I’m a beta tester, so I may not have each hero, but I’ve played with them (at least the ones from this year)
  • I’ve been playing for 3.5 years and once missed war flags
  • My old alliance hit 12-13 star titans and I generally was too half
  • I have 600+ tornados and time stops ready to deploy
  • I live in the eastern US with my wife and dog

What I’m looking for:

  • Definitely want a top 1K alliance
  • Active. Definitely hate those unused flags.
  • Some rules are fine, but I’m not dedicating my life to this game
  • Decisive leadership
  • Limited negativity (I don’t want bad boards/summons to be the primary topic of conversation)

Questions to you:

  • Why am I a good fit for your alliance?
  • Why is your alliance a good fit for me?

Feel free to post here, or reach out on Line or Discord.


Hey there. I’m with A World of 《Pain》and we were a top 250 alliance. Even with our current 23/24 members, we’re still a top 1k alliance. We all have great synergy and currently hitting 12* titans. If you are interested, please let me know. Also, the theme of our allaince is everyone gets ice cream.

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Best of luck with your search…the alliance you choose is very lucky to get you :blush:
Let me know when your ready to relax just a smidge more than top 1000 but still active daily. :wink:


Hey - how would you feel about trying out a top 100 (when full) /200 alliance? Stronghold My Beer PHX.

I think you would be a good fit with your attitude. It is a family of alliances as well, so if hitting 14* titans doesn’t end up being your thing you could always try one of the slightly less competitive alliances.

Hit me up if interested…


Take a look at spaced invaders Inc. We have a lot of members in the same position as you. We kill 13 star titans and everyone uses their flags. We have people in America, Europe and Australia. I l live in NYC myself with my gf and dog

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This has been my home alliance for a bit now, if that is worth anything.

Homaclese22 is my line id


You are welcome to come be a part of Blades Fury! [Tfg].

We move around in alliance ranking, usually 600’ish. We did break top 200 recently, won too many wars.

We chain 14*s, use purple tanks (subject to a vote) and follow a wave strategy.

Usually chatty, can veer into adult humor, but always must be respectful to our teammates.

We are a demote-to-kick alliance. People may occasionally miss a titan, we kill them in the first 12 hours.

You’re a veteran player with advanced troops. We don’t put demands on people to have specific heroes. Our goal is to have fun, keep things positive.

We play at least a couple times per day. Our participation, top-to-bottom, solves a lot of rules that we don’t need to have. If you decide to opt in for war, you can be a hitter, a cleaner, you decide.

We want to be competitive, but it has to stay fun.


Hey @Ruskin505 ! Crew-Jesters is a top 200 alliance when full. We are stringing 14* titans, we have flexible war strategy, drama free and friendly atmosphete.We get 1k rewards in mythic titan and alliance event (usually we are about 300th there). I think that we have what you are asking as an alliance and seems that we can have a good fit. My line id is kloster31 and i would be happy to know each other better!


For sure! We’d love to have one of my favorite forum posters join us. Thanks for the consideration @Ruskin505!



Currently outside of top 1000 or I’d invite as well. Best of luck in the new alliance!


We are 4 shy from pushing top 100. We are 25 days old. 10* titans. Waiting to crush those 14s. Last war we fought at 350k. We are ffa. Coordination tanks. Hit titan under cap. That’s it so easy none of that other crap. Have fun

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I’ll throw in a +1 for the Jesters too.

Also good if you want advice on smoking and barbecuing meat.


Circling back: I appreciate everyone who responded. I decided to go to Crew-Jesters.

A couple reasons that helped with this decision.
1: close to 30 members. I think they had 29 when I looked so I felt they were healthy and able to recruit folks.
2: I’ve heard of the Crew family before and Crew-Jesters. It just helps know they’ve been around.
3: Empirically I like some of the folks that recommended Crew-Jesters.
@Cheds is my second most liked person, which makes me his #1 fan

These are folks that I tend to like what they say, so I felt they were a good fit for what I’m looking for.

@Homaclese, your alliance was the runner up. I similarly like your posts alot, although I found a nice love triangle between all of the folks I’ve mentioned here.

When I looked up your alliance it was full with 30 members so I did not reach out further.


You are my number 1 fan!

I feel like I need to give you a special badge or award or something :joy:

@Dudeious.Maximus can you give him a :cheese: emoji on my behalf???


Maybe he can have an alt title of Fanboi of the Fanboi? Lol


What about simply “Fool”?



Hey you can visit us@ Impossible Krazy Kats, and see yourself.
International alliance, where teamwork is our motto…
Titans 12* dark tank, FFA war and we use all flags.
Good atmosphere, free drama, friendly, chatty but above all good communication and organization.
We use discord & line.
You are cordially invited.

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