ℹ Rumpelstiltskin – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest

Obrigada e grata pelo excelente apoio

Where are you putting emblems in the talent grid for this guy? I can’t decide if I want to increase attack or make him more tanky.

Welcome Vancelot!

I would go all attack and HP. I wouldn’t use Rumpel as a tank so view him as an attacker, get him charged(he’s average after all) and enjoy the presents!

I generally go for attack with all my emblems. Unless I’m developing a tank.

Sadly it’ll be a while before my Rumpel gets emblems. Ursena has them all. :pleading_face:


I finally pulled my rumple up to 4th tier and took emblems off Mitsuko. He is now at +19 full attack route, which gave him some shields and some health along the way.

Stats: 829atk, 770def, 1471hp.

Overall I can say he is a beast!! Had him sitting at 3-70 for over a year and decided to max him for fun/full potential. So solid. Every skill is devastating!

Skull: Hits harder than Ursena and w/ poison dmg (and we all know how much it suks getting hit by Ursena) Poison not very useful, only about 75 dmg per turn but good bonus.

Cross: 27% health/Dispels is always useful. Even if you are close to full health this is always nice to get everyone to 100%.

Stars: -34% def, +48% attack also handy. Even if you bring heros that have -34% def it only extends it or makes it better adding the attack as well. Bonus: If this fires and you get the skulls next its game over!!

Titans: B (skulls is actually worst card to pull on the titans, but most powerful anywhere else)
Defense: B+ (any card pulled will be devastating for the attacker)
Offense: A (Holding out on your potential heal to dispel, but getting skulls or stars is reason not A+…But like I said, needing a heal but pulling skulls will still most likely demolish the other squad)


@poopcorn that is so wonderful to hear!!

My Ariel was priority for the scopes, now my blue team (x 4) is in good shape, I can finally work on the ol’ Rumpel and continue my Grimforest team quest!

Thank you for this endorsement, and your detailed report, it’s made me enthusiastic again!



I saved up for this, since I have no fables
And sit undecided with The Jokers twin brother
Came here looking at usage and see no complaints

So… he’s definitely not a tank, I gather.
I haven’t seen him on defense much at all.
Don’t know if that due to availability,
or if he’s no good there.

Looking forward to testing out his offense though.
Sounds like a treat


He really doesn’t have a bad skill (unlike Danzaburo), though it stinks if you get a heal when you didn’t need it and we’re hoping for damage. He’s pretty awesome if you can stand the randomness though.

I guess most of us who have him, will want the damage card more. But really, I’ve used him in raids and the heal card saved my team many times. Don’t forget that his heal card cleanses status ailments too.

Maybe not so much now that we are seeing increased emblems in addition to cheaper cost to apply them :+1:

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I think he would be fun to use just based on the unpredictably factor personally.


It’s happened! Ursena is full, but sadly my sorcerer list is long, I must reward the Lady Locke, I love her so…

And Rumpel and Fen…

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I totally agree! To me it’s part of the heart of the game! Like Wu Kong…

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Good choice, love mine as well and well worth emblems. Got her at +9 currently.

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I have three should all be leveled or should i eventually retrain one or two?

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