Rising Dawn


Rising Dawn has 4 slots open. We are an international alliance, speaking English and a bit of German and Greek, 50% North America and 50% Europe/Australia. We are currently

  • killing 13 stars titans and some 14’s

  • looking for a player with at least one 4500 TP team

  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K

  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.
Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested


We are looking for active & communicative members with at least one 4600 TP war defense team,

we ask that you use all war flags once you opt in and hit titans regularly.

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

We use Discord for communication but it is not mandatory.

If you are interested hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel or



This is us!

And if you’re still building your roster check out our sister alliance Rising Dawn II and advance with a fun loving group of people!

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Very awesome group. Have enjoyed being here since day 1. Been able to build a solid roster with people that have a ton of experience. If you are into groups that are fun, with awesome communication and all play regularly come check out this group.


7826 war score… r u kiddin’ me ??? - we take our war seriously and play to win. But we have a lot of fun doing it. Great group of supportive seasoned players with great communication.

Come check us out.


Awesome alliance. No doubt. Everyone is very helpful and very nice.


Come join one of the hottest alliances!

Are you looking for a great family?
You looking to be a part of a fun group of people around the world?
Looking to join a serious alliance that performs on all levels of the game while still having fun doing it?
We slay titans, smash in war have top dogs in tournaments and events that are willing to share knowledge and help you achieve getting into those top spots as well!

Come take a look , and join us for a few, you will be at home and won’t want to leave.


Much Love Tangy Ban! The rest of the crew always liked this game but upon entering Rising Dawn I grew to love it! We have a great group of knowledgeable, respectful and entertaining people!

We look forward to meeting you as we continue to ascend towards the top together!


Only 4 spots left for the main alliance. We are smashing 12 and 13 star titans. Come take a look and stay fir the fun!!!


Spots are filling, come join this awesome team. I know you have tried other teams and, they all say them same join us we kill these titans. Come look at us we are trying to get to the top. We are a devoted bunch from all over. We are a veey strong play hard and have fun while doing it. We even have a training alliance where we help build a army to get to the top in Rising Dawn 2. If you are up to it and need to build an army or want to be a big part in helping a alliance get to the top. Come check us out. Just knock on the door and say AAAAAAOOOOOHHHHH!!! We use discord for communication.


Rising Dawn is full, but if you are still trying to buod a army and looking or a great fun atmosphere with a great leader. Come check out our sister alliance at Rising Dawn 2. Very competitive still to get use to being in a top alliance. Come train with us!!


We now have few spots open so come & check us out😉

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Gentle bump,
come join a friendly team that loves warring together :slight_smile:

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