Rising Tides new alliance recruiting friendly people


Hi everyone! My brother and I just made a brand new alliance called Rising Tides. We would love to have anyone on board with us to continue learning and growing as a family! We are rather new so our stats are changing by the minute, but this is what we look like now!

Name: Rising Tides
Language: We chat in English, but all are welcome! We love diversity :smile:
Ages: We’re all adults (over 18), however as long as you’re nice and polite we accept all ages!
Titans: 7*’s right now, but growing stronger!
Members: 29/30 members right now. Very friendly.
Cups: 400 trophies required for now. Looking for people to grow with!
Line: We have line available, but do not push it on people! No pressure :slight_smile:

That’s all I can think of right now, but I look forward to meeting anyone who would like to join!

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Looking for an alliance......need a new player?

I just started today, and I know I can’t join till level 4, but I thought I’d let you know I’m interested.


Awesome!! Message me on here when you’re ready and I’ll lower the cup limit for you. 200 isn’t that difficult to get to, but might take a few days for you.


I just hit level 4. I don’t really know how to join, any idea?


Search for Rising Tides then click view and Join. Let me lower our trophies :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks. Will do.


Trophies lowered for you. Join when you’re ready.


Did. Thanks again. Rising tides reminds me of the saying from a movie. “Rising tides lift all ships.”


Small bump! We now have 12/30 members. Hope some more will come over and grow with us!! :blush:

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Bump! 27/30 members now. Looking for a couple more people to grow with!!


Filled up now! Will post again if spots open :slight_smile:

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A couple spots opened up! Check us out! We’re a chatty bunch looking to grow with everyone :slight_smile:

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Full again! Thanks for reading. Will post again if spots open :slight_smile:

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Hi guys! We have a spot open again if anyone would like to join!

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Bump! Couple after war spots to fill :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! We have a spot to fill so figured I’d post again. Might have more spots open after war pending on the results. Come join us!

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Little bump before war. If anyone is looking for an alliance we have two spots open! Fighting soon (by tomorrow most likely, just took down our third 7) 8* titans!

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One member needed at the moment bump again :slight_smile: check us out! Venom here you can LINE me at Venomx28 also, this is being updated every so often though also thank you trying to stay at max capacity :slight_smile:

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Bump :slight_smile: for one member join us!