"Rising JUPITER" is recruiting. 5 positions open. Come join us!

Welcome to Rising Jupiter
Join now !!!

A fun English speaking multinational alliance spread across USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Czechia, New Zealand etc. with a friendly group of members (fyi, more than 75% of us been together for over a year).

Recently we had few veterans leave the game (given everything going on in the real world and the game as well); few who have moved forward to join top 100 alliances; and few who have stepped up to create/lead our sister alliance RISING MOON (for a bit more casual play). And so here we are back to recruiting.

Currently there are few spots available to join for active and mature players who can

(1) RAID DEFENSE - Free to run your own choice of teams but need to have at least a 4000+ TP defense that can maintain 2400+ trophies

(2) TITAN - Participation mandatory - Need to do at least 75K - 100K avg damage taking down 11*/12* titans

(3) AW - Participation preferred - Must use all 6 flags (if opted in) or opt out if you can’t use all flags

(4) Join our common discord server (for both alliances) which has lots of useful info

(5) Few other goodies - no profanities allowed; respect everyone irrespective of rank or profile; understand real life priorities; very friendly leadership; got some music lovers too

Any questions, feel free to ask.
Come check us out anytime. Hop in for a personal experience and there is no going back !!! :smiley:

2 positions open now. Come check us out.

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