Righteous Fury [RF] Looking for New Members!

Who we’re looking for:

  • 4k Defense
  • Active daily
  • 2k Cups
  • Team player

Quick Summary:

  • War is optional to opt-in. However, 100% participation is expected for those who do
  • Currently 22
  • Appx 10 to 15 Diamond-level players
  • Discord Server
  • 10* Titans
  • All members are active daily
  • Promotion to Elder & Co-Leader based on merit (Participation, Time Served, Strength)
  • Highly involved leadership
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere

About Us:

We are a fun and friendly alliance with very active daily members. I would classify us as moderately serious: We strive to win and be the best but always keep in mind that it is a game. This makes us a good fit for many players as you can be as involved as you want, without being forced into extreme commitment. Comments, feedback, and criticism are welcome and I am always working to better improve the overall enjoyment of the game for my team.

As leader, I am involved in keeping the team notified (via Alliance message) of upcoming events, quests, and Titan information (respawn time each day as well as attack coordination). I track and post War statistics, as well as battle plans/analysis and manage the Discord server.
Example of War statistics posted each week:

We have members primarily across North America and Europe so there is always someone online. Most of us have been playing for a little over 2 years together.
There are regular strategy and tactics discussions for newer and experienced players alike to learn and grow.

We also have a Discord server (optional to join) for out-of-game communication, tools and resources, coordination and goofing around.

Come join us today!


Growth, knowledge sharing , and fun. Come check us out!

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A good group of people with an amazing leader! Hang out for a while and see if we are a good fit for you!

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