Fury [TFG] Invites You to Join Us

We’re an adult, active alliance with room for 5 new teammates. The best fit is someone with 6 full war teams and 15+ fully ascended 5*'s. We use coordinated tanks for war (green normally/purple for rush) and an uncomplicated wave strategy.

We are on 10*/11* titans. We require 50K minimum damage when we are moving up to more challenging titans. We are a very active alliance, and we provide an environment for very active people to enjoy the game.

A merge of 5 or less is very welcome. If your current alliance is becoming more and more inactive, come join us in the fun.

We use in-game chat as well as the line app. We’re usually pretty chatty, but chattiness is not required :). Come join us in-game, or line us at jackspratnml or dreamscapeadventure if you have any questions.

Still going strong and open for more.

There are still those of us who want our alliance to be fully active. “Hit titans and use all war flags” has almost turned into a joke these days. Not for us, join us and join an active alliance.

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