Righteous Fury looking for additional dedicated members to join us! (8* Titans currently at 22 members)

Quick Details:

  • Titan hits are mandatory
  • War is optional (but strongly encouraged)
  • Currently 22 members strong
  • ~5 to 8 Diamond-level players
  • ~15 Platinum-level or higher
  • Discord Server available
  • 8* Titans
  • All members are active daily
  • Opportunity for promotion to Elder & Co-Leader
  • Active in chat
  • Highly involved leadership
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere

About Us:

We are a fun and friendly alliance with very active daily members. I would classify us as moderately serious: We strive to win and be the best but always keep in mind that it is a game. This makes us a good fit for many players as you can be as involved as you want, without being forced into extreme commitment.

As leader, I am involved in keeping the team notified (via Alliance message) of upcoming events, quests, and Titan information (respawn time each day as well as attack coordination).

We have members primarily across the US and Europe so there is always someone online.
There are regular strategy and tactics discussions for newer and experienced players alike to learn and grow.

Most of us have been playing for a little over a year and our top 15 are 4k defense/platinum arena (or higher).

We also have a Discord server (optional to join) for out-of-game communication among the more dedicated and a YouTube channel for sharing content.

Come join us today!

Great alliance! House of Destruction is looking forward to Waring with you!

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