🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: White Rabbit – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Jackal is elemental def down, and White Rabbit is regular def down like wilbur/grimm/gormek/tiburtus. Jackal and White Rabbit or any other regular def down is stack together, not overwritten.


That is clear. But anyway if you hit with both the same target it will disappear more or less I suppose, so the benefit of stacking for raid/war Jackal and Rabbit is pointless maybe? Jackal + Drake ( if we take hit 3 ) will be better? For titans clear benefit, but was talking more raids/war attack. Am not saying is not a nice/strong hero, and was genuinly asking if I am missing something as see in the forum left and right everybody saying is super amazing hero.

You are missing most of it if not all of it. :rofl:

Defense down stacks with color debuff. So the rabbit stacks with the jackal.
Fast / Hits 3 / Triple ram and most of all, it is YELLOW!!! :joy:


Jackal + Joon = kill 1 hero

Rabbit + Drake = potentially kill or heavily injure 3

What is there not to like in a yellow stack?

PS. not very sure its ram 1 or 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


In his description his defense down is only to the target and not nearby enemies?

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No, it stack, means has more -def on opponent. Here is formula:

And I also create a Titan eficiency table (not practical, only theory):

There is yellow regular def down, White Rabbit the only yellow.


Clear - was saying that if you hit with Jackal and -54% defense down and hit with Rabbit the hero will die, so no stacking :slight_smile: when no hero left :slight_smile: For titans clear - as wrote, agree fully makes a difference

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@ALI_G, oh well okay… you mean 2-punch eficiency? okay, make sense, correct… I think white rabbit not so much deal damage like Joon or Poseidon.

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They should include white rabbit with the wabbits of springvale

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Great, thank you

filler filler filler

You can also have 4 punch.

Jackal hits tank, Rabbit hits flank hopefully killing tank and applying def down to flank and damaging both flank and wing with considerable damage, chao and joon hopefully finish whatever is left over, ghost tile to get other 2 in def
worst case 3 heroes dead
fast / very fast combo - awesome


Rabbit is a beast, i think.
Don’t forget, his debuff can’t be dispelled and it is reapplied, if target was healed. Like a death curse.

SGG are fans of Monty Pyton, I think. First the black knight, now the white rabbit… Shall we get holy hand grenade?


I’d like to add the hero, but don’t think he’s the answer for dark tanks (kunchen doesn’t get defense down and ursena is less then ideal to stack holy vs), also don’t think he’s the best titan option as vivs costume will be better there. Still, fast, hit 3, I’d be happy to have him even if unlikely.

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For Dark tanks, won’t Kunchen be immune? He is not susceptible to standard pulverizer defense debuffs which is what Rabbit has. Jackal remains the only debuffer that impacts Kunchen.

Ursena will be vulnerable if Rabbit charges first. Always a bit risky to stack yellow against her but Rabbit is one I would bring if stacking yellow.


My Yellow stack is small (Li Xiu, Chao, Inari, Rana, Leo). So White Rabbit (and Jackal) would both be welcome additions. Much better chances of getting Jackal, but I’ll still do a few pulls for Rabbit just in case…

Sounds cool. I seriously don’t know if I need the White Rabbit. It might be cool to get him to go with my Squire Wabbit and Jack O Hare. But honestly, I don’t need more holy heroes. I need strong nature heroes most. I am not pulling for him either, but if I do get him, he will sit near the bottom of my roster for a long while.

Definetely the most interesting of the bunch.
Fast speed, defence down, good stats.

He hit like Drake or so, but apply his reduction only on one. So if you think he is another Drake… i’m afraid he is not as useful.

Very good for titans and events, decent for attacking, not suited for defence.
Not more then others at least.


Sooooo…SG has a bad sense of humor to give us a full 5* rainbow family…with a great family bonus…but make two the same emblem class lol… Hoping they change rabbit from Cleric to something else.

Say this loud for the people missing that. His description says his defense drop applies to target, not for target and nearby. He’s going to be a single target debuffer that can’t be dispelled. Still a great hero though.


He is pretty much the inverse of Alice…

Alice drops attack, Rabbit will drop defence :slight_smile:


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