Experienced Players - Join Us. ☆ GONE ROGUE ☆

Hi Everyone
We are a new alliance of experienced players who have decided to branch out on our own. We are casual but also like to be competitive. We currently have members ranging from level 46-71, cups 2200-2800. We are active players, easy going, no drama, and pretty chatty. We are looking for new members to join us and climb the ranks.

Our requirements are:

  • no drama.
  • Be active…of course RL happens. Communicate with the leaders when things come up. We understand.
  • hit the Titan daily
  • zero flags left on the battlefield during war (if opted in)
  • we have a line group for the alliance as well as a private Goat line group. We love to chat with each other, discuss ideas and strategies, share videos and ask questions. While we recommended LINE, we do not require it. We would expect you to communicate in the game chat though. Communication is important to us.
  • last but definitely not least…have fun!

Hope you consider joining ☆ GONE ROGUE ☆ and make it to the top with us. Let me know in the thread below if you have any questions.

~ SpartanQueen

We are still looking for a few players. We are growing fast. Currently fighting 7* titans but killing them with 8hours To spare. We Go up a Titan level every other day. Undefeated in war. Come join us.

Two spots left. Come check us out

We have two spots open again. Fighting 11*titan currently.

still looking for two players. (One Spot Open right now. A second after war is over). We are a young alliance (just under a month old) of experienced players. We have not let a Titan go since our initiation. We got our first 12* today. If you’re looking to be part of a fun, casual yet competitive team, come check us out. Daily Titan hits are a must. War is optional but if opted in, expected to use all flags. We have line (highly recommended but not required).
Looking for TP 4200+ with a solid roster for wars.

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