Regarding convert buildings

If I convert one building to lab and then I convert back to original what will happen if I want to convert again that building back to lab ? Is it needs iron and is it unlock it at lvl 1 eventhough we hv it more than lvl 1 ?

The progress will stay. As you can see, your Alchemy Lab will be converted back to a lvl 12 forge. All you need is an available builder for the conversion.


Thanks bro …

You can also then convert it back to Alchemy lab a second time for free and retain whatever levelling you’ve done on it previously. Again, just need an available builder.

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I am now having this issue, but I used farms. And I understand the freebie, but I’m trying to use a forge instead of my farm. I honestly do not want to lose all the time, energy, and resources.
I appreciate the feedback.
Thank you

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