Converting buildings

So… dumb question…
Like all others, long ago, I converted a forge into a barracks. Then I leveled up the barracks and kept leveling it as troops were reaching maxed allowed level. Now, not so long ago, I converted another forge into a Hunter’s Lodge… all fine so far, except now I only have two active forges and sometimes crafting multiple items on short notice becomes a problem…
My question, dumb as it may seem, is: if I convert my level 8 barracks back to a forge, will that forge still be the level it was prior to it’s conversion, or will it be reset to level 1. And, further more, if after the crafting is done I convert the forge back into a barracks again, will the barracks still be level 8 or do I have to start over from scratch. I presume the buildings will keep their pre-conversion level, but I wouldn’t try it without knowing for sure.

Yeah, converted buildings will keep the level you have even if the building is brought back to its original building (and the original building will also have the level it had wjen you changed it into the advanced building or barracks) or you change lets say your barracks from your forge to a training camp. So no worries there, your progress is safe :slight_smile:


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