Looking for a change? Try the Ravens of Valhalla! 6 spots available

The Ravens of Valhalla are seeking 6 new players to join us in our nest. We are a cohesive group of players who have been together for a long time. Recently, we have cleaned house and we need an infusion of enthusiasm and commitment. We are international, and love meeting players from all over the world, although English is our language of communication. To be a Raven, you need to hit each and every titan to your best ability, use all war flags, and communicate. Join us in our quest to strengthen our alliance, and keep chaining 14* titans. We are ravenous. :slight_smile: Contact Hanselope on LINE if you are interested. No sparrows or chickadees. Only Ravens need apply.

Join our international alliance. We range from 500s-800s globally. We use purple tanks in war, and expect everyone to hit the titan. The loot is good, and we are friendly and supportive. We use LINE so that all three of our Raven alliances can share knowledge and offer insights. Contact Hanselope on LINE for more info.

We are full but we are taking a waiting list for Ravens to be, or returning Ravens. Contact Hanselope on LINE.

We have one space for a new Raven in the Ravens of Valhalla. Come join a great group of international players who play with Raven culture. Contact Hanselope on LINE if you are interested.

It’s time to join the Ravens! We have two spots for members who are willing to engage in active alliance membership. No 14* titan is ever left. You must use all flags if you choose to participate in wars.

Three spots are waiting for three special people. Are you players who enjoy playing together and are looking to land at the same place? Fly over to Ravens and check us out!

Still 3 spots available. We kicked a few out of the nest, but now, we need to add to our flock. Stop in and find out what Raven culture is all about. Caw caw.

bump bump bump. Fly little recruitment thread, fly.

Two questions:

  1. Is LINE mandatory?
  2. Is it a case of always Purple tanks or do you rotate?


Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

Hi Blem, Thanks for reaching out!

  1. LINE is not mandatory. We have a very robust LINE chat which includes all three alliances (the Gate, Ravens, and the Guardians). But it is not necessary. I do use LINE a lot so I included my LINE id for ease of communication.
  2. We use purple tanks only at this point, but we are very flexible about the rest of the team, which means that you can create the best team for you, including double colours if that is what you like to do. Especially for Rush Attack, some members do that.
    Why don’t you drop in and check us out? Is Blem your game name?

Hi Hanselope. Thanks for responding. To be honest I’m trying to stay away from puple tanks. It’s the reason I’ve taken one of my accounts on tour and am looking for somewhere to settle as I prefer a rotation situation.
Thanks again though. Maybe see you around the empire sometime

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

Thanks for letting me know Blem. With all the activities that SG dumps on us, it’s a good idea to do what is best for you. I wish you well. If you ever decide that you would like to join an alliance with purple tanks, I hope you keep us in mind!

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We need more Ravens to join us. Fly to our nest, settle in, and help us kill those 14* Titans. If you are raven-ous, join us.

Our Alliance has 4 spots free. We love hitting those 14* Titans and we win/loose these wars together. If you are active and want to be a part of a friendly alliance, feel free you contact me on Line: my name ist Dagubal. Or you choose the direct way and send us the request to join. Feel (and enjoy) our Raven spirit!

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