🏰 Rayne – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

Yeah, this is one hero you would like to hit less so the target would not die and spread the poison. I actually find myself holding off firing other heroes’ specials for one turn so she can at least spread to the targets sides.

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this hero is insane!
My personal Hero of the Month…380 fixed damage per enemy for 6 rounds, 550 damage when Franz also released his special. Killer! Awesome!
Just get her going, open popcorn and enjoy watching the enemy vanish :smiley:

She has saved my bacon numerous times where she is first to fire and after rancid boards eventually turned good and there wasn’t much of a team left to kill!

I use them both in monthly events and just watch the enemy’s health melt away with poison and burn. Didn’t hit top 1000 but it was damn close for a DOT team

I finally pulled Rayne after he eluded me over and over again! I’m really looking forward to using him against some of the big hitters in the game today! He’s my Quintin in Purple! Good luck all!



Just out of curiosity, did you snag Ludwig in the last SE? Lol (I’d imagine the answer is yes unless you snagged him later)

I did get Ludwig in the last SE! Just finished limit breaking him with max emblems. Love him!

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Saw some folks adding in 2LB heroes from the watchtower to their respective posts. Thought I’d contribute by doing the same here with a personal fav.

(I haven’t chosen my 2nd LB yet)


When is the next clash of knights event? Been looking for a while and cant get an anwser… does anyone know??

As it does not have not new heroes so probably not in the foreseable future.

Ok I get that Rayne poison doesnt spread when she kill with her snipe but why when the enemy dies from poison tic it doesnt spread on adjacent heros. Its really hard to spread it when you cant kill the enemy with snipe and first poison tic for it to spread further. It would make some much more sense if the poison would spread when the target dies from it!

Hey Kvothe, could u post ur Talent Path please mate? I pulled Emblems from Rayne awhile back but I think I want to put them back on her, and urs looks awesome 2LB! Thanks! :+1:

Wanted one of the new featured and instead got this. New to me, but still relevant at all?

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Just used her in the emblem quest and I normally use her in war, although not always. Her dot is useful in both aspects of the game and she hits decently at 85.


Mine’s still at 4/80 (+18) and I use her regularly. Although I didn’t for a while TBF. But she’s great. 5 turns of nasty poison is… Nasty.

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Continuing the discussion from December 2023 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes:

Seriously?! Is this a hero to charge at fast speed?!


Yeah, so she’s balanced (vs underpowered) to be more in line with the likes of D’Artagnan, Persa and Zappa

Personally, this is the only buff they’ve given that I think was both warranted, and will actually be impactful.

So excited :grin: I may actually give this hero mats because of this (finally)!


She’s been sitting at 1/1 for me since I got her last Clash of Knights, this change makes me think she’s moved up my list of Darks to level as well


Now I really want Rayne.

Please SGG, Soul Exchange March 2024

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Got her on Black Friday and she’s sitting at 1/1 since then but now I might give her the mats. It’s between her and Toon Sartana and I only have mats to level one of them. C3 Sartana has those crazy stats and bonuses, but Rayne has her spreading poison so I’m torn a little.
Any advice on who to level? :slight_smile: