ℹ Ranvir – 5* Holy/Yellow HOTM - June 2019 HotM

They can coexist as they don’t remove eachother but what you will obtain will be Miki’s capped normal attack and Ranvir’s special attack, both of them with Ranvir’s miss chance on foes with higher hp than the attacker.

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So I use Ranvir on my yellow stack for titans, and think he would be better if his buff only lasted 4 turns instead of 5… He’s fast, but it results in his buff being out of sync with Jackal and C.Viv. I think this “nerf” would actually be a significant buff for titans… Anyone think the same or am I nuts?

Seems like a mana potion or 2 would fix the ‘out of sync’ issue you’re seeing. His buff lasting 5 turns is important, sometimes that tile cascade doesn’t get going until the last turn.

I think you might be misunderstanding. If you have a cascade on that last turn Jackals and Viv’s debuffs will be down, and if they can fire, you will run into the high chance that one or both miss costing you massive chunks of damage…

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