ℹ Ranvir – 5* Holy/Yellow HOTM - June 2019 HotM

I still use ranvir over miki for purple titans but that’s like his only use for me

See, I still use Miki, regardless. But, I also use Miki for the silence effect, that’s wonderful on titans. I even use Miki on rare blue titans. I use mana to get the special fired. I can usually get it twice before he dies to reflected tiles.

The only time I’ve used Ranvir, after pulling Miki, is emblem events where you can use him. I don’t think I even used him a couple wars where we had a nice reprieve and faced purple tanks.

But, to each their own!

I don’t use him in wars just purple titans… tarlak for blue rare titans and miki for everything else sometimes events never wars or raids since miki is limited due to targets health

At what point do you give him the darts? I have him at 3-70, but he can be killed by 1-2 hits by 9-10 star titans. I only use him on titans. I use Sif if I run mono raids.

At the point you realise you won’t be getting Tarlak, Miki or G Gazelle…

Seriously, if he is your sole damage booster then you will be using him for most if not all titans and probably in challenge events too. The darts will be worth it

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I do have Miki…also at 3-70. Just haven’t wanted to give either them to ascend them. I still get 6-7500k on tile hits with both at 3-70.

Just torn at the moment. I have 20 darts currently and no real good yellow five stars. I’m just wondering if he is worth it

If you use him semi-regularly then it is worth it. There is a point when holding on to ascension mats just becomes hoarding


I just ascended mine today I received in the last ToL. Ship sailed on Tarlak, Miki, Gazelle (I am F2P, super low odds given my amount of summons). He is a step up from The Wu and allows emblems on my +20 Wu to be reallocated to other heroes. Net win over Wu if those are your options IMO. :+1:

Good luck!


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I have mine at +6 currently:

I obviously use him on any non-yellow reflect titans, but have also started tinkering with him in provinces and PvP essentially as a fast sniper. I need to do more research, but was wondering if anyone else used him like this often.

His A boost is much less of a factor given heroes will usually have more HP in provinces aside from briefly on bosses. His A value is solid and having an additional yellow sniper hit at fast speed is nice. I do have Joon and Jackal. As a F2P my options are otherwise limited. Does he hit like Joon? No. 265% isn’t true sniper level. His hit has been solid enough though to warrant using him more in this context though. He is more reliable than Wu to use regularly due to the HP factor of his A boost.

Leonidas hits harder by percentage, but is average. My Leo is +10 but still has a lower A value, just a higher damage percentage.

I was just wondering if others have explored his viability like this further. If you’re dropping money there are better heroes, but fast snipers in yellow after Joon are tough to come by.


I use him in a similar way. His attack and defense are very good and the elemental link is helpful as well.

Granted I don’t have miki or tarlak. He is much sturdier than Wu. strong text

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you might want to recosider the raid defence position poll to account for the new raid formations

I have ranvir and I use him only for Titan, otherwise if I try to use him in raids is a big mistake because most of the special are going to miss

That’s not factually accurate. With -35% accuracy most of your specials will hit.

But you know, it feels like you are missing 5 shots out of 4

I think the raid factor of misses is worse with Wu due to Ranvir’s buff accommodating enemy health. He essentially becomes a moderate sniper with strong tile damage that boosts your teams D against purple when you’re ahead. If you’re losing badly he is your Hail Mary too.

I think he is an improvement over Wu. He should be though as a 5* I guess over 4* Wu.


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