Rainforest - seeking new members

Rainforest is a new alliance. Most of us have played together for 2 years. Dependable players, most bring teams approaching 4,000.

We understand real life comes first. Titan hits preferred but not mandatory, If opted into war, use all 6 flags.

Come check us out.

Your alliance sounds a lot like mine (titans optional, do your best to use all your war flags or opt out) and I was wondering if you might be interested in combining groups? I have 13 members at the moment and we’re all in sort of the same range as your people. We’re Yellia’s Prison if you want to take a look.

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I will broach the subject of combining to the alliance. We definitely need more members. We have been using all war flags and beating most titans we face. I will check out your alliance. If it helps, I’m on line as Killamdre.

Ok, sounds good. Let me know what you guys decide. I’m not good with keeping up with chat platforms, so I’m not on Line, but I’ll keep checking in here for replies. We gained a member since I originally posted, but it looks like you guys lost a couple so we still total under 30 in all.

So far, everyone who responded is voting for a combination. I think it will be a good fit.

I have pulled the trigger. Told the alliance to leave Rainforest and Join Yellia’s Prison. I’ll stay back until most have transitioned. Please save me a spot. LOL.

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