Raids are Rigged

Raids are rigged! Boards never have the element for your healer on there. There are always teams way stronger but never equal or less than top heroes. So many people on different alliances complain about how rigged the raids are


Try to attack with 5/5 healers. By your reasoning you would have an empty board :man_shrugging:


Raids are my favourite part of the game. They’re great.

I think the balance between offence and defence is just about right.

Please read @NPNKY thread above and the Guide to Raiding for the Casual Player and demonstrate how it is unfair to you.


the raids would be fair if only the trophies were not taken into account. Equally they are fun, so they are an abuse

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The game is old! Raiding is boring. I’ve tried to use 10 pulls to get good troops and have gotten only 2 5s out of several 10 pulls. Can’t level all 4s and be in the hunt! Lost 5/6 raids all to teams with 5*s. Can’t get them no more money!


IMHO doing titans / raids / war is fun.
Doing a map stage over and over? This is boring :frowning:


That’s frustrating, but losing 6 on the spin in no big deal in the long term. The top players wake up to many defeats every day.

You can’t buy victory, only an accelerated chance at good materials and heroes.

You still have to grind for feeder heroes and to level your base.

Victory comes from hard work and intelligent strategy, even if you invest a lot of money


I think the raids are balanced fine, I just wish there was more incentive for them other than filling the raid chest.


There are even skills which are OP and make it impossible to attack if someone has a specific character.

Take ‘counter attack’ for example. It’s mind numbingly bad game design. There is 0 way to counter this when it affects the whole team in a raid. Want to use items to help? Nope. Want to try and use your skills instead, nope gonna get destroyed for that. Want to attack a different character so you don’t kill yourself? Nope! Doesn’t matter because this skill affects the whole defending team! You might as well flee now.

How… Someone please explain HOW to deal with this ■■■■ skill and I’d be happy to shut my mouth.

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Debuff if the buff is active:
this could make the dispeller take a punch or not depending on the affected targets.

Prevent special:
Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Peters, Hel ← event & HOTM, by locking the special or the mana
Chao, Leonidas ← by reducing their mana (there are others but they are common & designed to deal damage)


their are two healers that remove enemies buffs sabrina & melendor . Sonya and cedmon both work well if you make sure to hit one of the opposing hero’s who is close to dead already. reflect can be a easy kill

Here’s how I tend to deal with riposters like Cyprian:

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Most counterattackers only protect themselves and the heroes next to them (Boril, Cyprian, Elena). That leaves two other heroes to target with your dispeller (Tyrum, Sonya, Domitia, Caedmon). Or, you can use a dispelling healer like Belith, Melendor or Sabina.

Two of those are 3* heroes and 4 are 4*. Only 1 is a 5*

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The game is a cheat. Period. It’s programmed to win are all cost.

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How does the game win? If you lose a raid, the game didn’t win. The person you lost to did.

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The game…raids are a cheat. Period. The game cheats to get you to pay for play success. No strategy involved…just coward programmers

I can name several Free to Play players who have hit #1 globally. If the game was rigged, they wouldn’t be able to do that

There are several threads on raiding strategies. Why don’t you take some time and read them. Incorporate their suggestions with your current heroes and see if your success rate doesn’t improve


I beg to differ, im not a raid fan, but, over the last few weeks, as i am levelling and using my heroes, I’m finding the best approach to fighting, be it maps, events, or even raids.
For raids the first thing i do i look at my opponent team, can i use a weakness, is my team about even or can i make a different choice, then gauge my chances if better than 50% i go.
The rest is in the boards, some bad, some good, some meew.
I do revenge only, the teams I’m facing are usually stronger but i do win about 50% on the first try, 70% on the second. I’ll try a third time only if i feel that there is still a chance, if i have to i’ll replace some heroes just in case.
Even if raids are not my favorite parts of this game, i don’t believe that they are rigged or cheat or unfair, they can be difficult but they are only part of a whole.
I can’t even imagine taking on a 12* titan, or the last level of Atlantis hard.
My buget for this game is $20 a month, most of it spent on Atlantis Rise, i do about 6 to 8 single summons with coins and jewels the rest is to do as much farming, and clearing levels as posible.
So play the game and have fun.


Ok…lie to yourself if u want…some people are spending money and on programmer personal raid teams…the enemies are over aggressive and do anything to win…FWUS…i know what i see…and others see the same thing

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