Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 1

Oops, I have that wrong. Will correct. Thanks

No problem! I think what you’re sharing here on the forum is fantastic & I look forward to reading more.

About that rematch button…

Every once and a while I find someone attacked me 3 or 4 times and lost them all.

Of course there’s the odd chance that someone used the tactic @Wormwood hinted at on my team. Or that these players were actually testing different team setups against my solid defence, to see what worked best. But honestly players being humans these were likely players that revenged, got smacked by my defences and anger got the better of them.

Rematch liberally, but keep your head clear.


I just finished the first part and look forward to reading the next two. One thing I did notice, although grammatical and small, is the spelling of lose as loose. e.g. loosing instead of losing, etc. This is a common error which, unfortunately, spell checkers don’t catch. Anyhow, great read…thx for taking the time to share your experiences and strategies.


Uggh… you are right. English is not my first language. Bad English is. ; ) I will edit. Thanks

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Why is it in raids that I can’t battle anybody with the same team power as me, I’m at about 3100 and everybody even if I roll again is like 3500 and above, that don’t seam that fair…

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Raids are matched by trophies, not team power. You’ve clearly gotten very good at raiding and so the system is continually giving you new challenges to make sure you’re not bored.


Most of the people who have been raiding me are so much higher than I am (I’m at around 3000, last one was at 3232, which isn’t huge, but in leaderboard positions there was about 200,000 places difference). Their team was unbeatable vs. mine. 4*,5*,3* maxed, mine is 2 4*, the rest are 3*, and they’re about halfway ascended. I have been playing for about a month and have made some really stupid mistakes (Like not keeping Layla and ascending her all the way—I’ve had my butt kicked by fully ascended 2* teams, and that I just respect). I don’t mind when I lose if the other team beats me and it’s a really good team but closer to mine. I admire those and go back to see who they have and how I might tweak my team. Some seem overwhelming to even revenge (I just don’t, at this point) because they are so much higher than my team. I don’t spend much—I have the basic membership thing where I get 30 gems a day. When I have paid for gems, I generally regret it because I don’t usually get anyone very good. Or I get someone too high for me to be able to afford to level up right now. I’m not planning on spending a lot of money after reading about characters getting nerfed. I’m digressing. It seems like there should be more levels, maybe, than there currently are. :woman_shrugging:t2:


This is my way of raiding at this point.
My def team is 2900 and im diamond.
I try to stay between 2500 and 2600 because not ready for top 100, but idc figuring in top 100.

I only do revenge when raiding, it’s slower to up my chest (1 everyday) but it’s fun.
I do all revenges, i can beat pratically every team.

Powers heroes i use: Ares, Joon, Khiona, Wilbur, Protheus, Melendor, Buddy.

Anti gravemaker team: Sonya, Joon, Protheus, Triton, Kiril

Anti Guin team: Protheus, Khiona, Tiburtus, Joon, Melendor

Anti Blue Team : Horghall/lil john, Joon/Ares, Protheus/Ares , Buddy, Melendor.

They works well :wink:

I only do raids when my cups are too low. My goal is to maintain theses cups between 2500 and 2600 (or +)

I have a 85+% win rate, the only times i lose is by terrible luck. (Deadly Combo that triggers special that i dont want to be fired, bad board during whole raid, you can still win with bad starting board)

there is a big strategy factor in raiding (attacking team choice, board manipulation, ghost tiles, specials… ), you need to master it to increase your chances.
The rest is luck.


If I follow your tutorial and elevate my cup holdings, I’ll look you up. I’m having a hard time holding on to 1400 right now. Thanks for sharing!

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I tried the Revenge strategy, and it worked. thank you!

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Really, glad to help. I started when this game was only a couple months old. It has grown so much. I find it rewarding and cool. Granted I have spent money with the game, but have not regretted it.

This is a simple looking, but very deep game.

Nice write up @Jgmc2. Grats on sharing your teams. But I would consider a slightly different tactic on raiding. I was 100% on your idea of maintaing your trophies score last year. At that time there was no advantage to a score above 2400 (diamond)… BUT, this game changes. I am always looking for recruits to feed my training camps. The addition of winning recruits from raids is a big deal for me. I have a lot of hungry heroes that want to eat them. Also, I feel there was a change in the rewards we get from filling the chests after “classes” was introduced. The raid/hero chest was almost worthless before, but now I am finding they are delivering 4 star assensition items fairly often. This has made raiding more of a priority for me (it was already my #1, LOL)

Also, I would reconsider your thought on not raiding the top 100. The top 100 is worth more trophies (I know, Duh). My rule is when raiding I only hit above 40 trophies, unless I am above 1800 in ranking. Then I hit a minimum of a team 70% higher than me. Example if I am ranked 1000, then I only hit teams in the top 300.

Teams above 100 are a gift. Hit them. They are not nessisarily stronger than a 3000 ranked team, they are just lucky enough to be in the top 100. As you said (correctly, BTW), you can kill any team. Go for it. Kill them,( and rarely me… ;). )

I am not consistently in the top 1000, because my defense team is not up to the task to stay there. To “keep” trophies takes level 23+ troops and a religious need to be online a lot. Sadly my job does not alow that time commitment, and my troops are at 20-21.

Beating the top 100 on a regular basis is great practice for when I have everything I think I need to “own” that #1 spot. Until then it is proof I/you “should” own it.


You forgot a slight detail about my raid strategy

thats mean it doesnt matter how many trophies i gain from revenge, 10, 40. I dont care :slight_smile:
I do all revenges. And it maintain my trophy goal well (went over 2670 yesterday with only revenge)
And i consume less raid banners.

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A litle late to the party, but … great thread, thanks for contributing! thought I would reply and bump this up, as it is definitely a worthwhile read.

I would like to add my perspective (confirming most of yours, adding some of my own).

I solely go mono when raiding, unless I am playing with new heroes/strategies to prepare for wars.

Reroll is definitely your friend, and you will find that you actually gain food, as winning that raid when you finally attack will get you more food back than you spent rerolling.

I only attack a team that will give me 35+ trophies, usually at least 40. As the OP wrote, this is key to keeping in Diamond.

Using mono-only approach got me to global #1 with 37-3800 teams. I have taken down many 4600 teams with my 3850 blue stack-- Grimm-Frida-Boril-Triton-Kiril.

I have never used the revenge button. I will have to look at that and see if I can incorporate it into my raid strategy.

Getting to #1 was quite the rush, and I only used 2 flasks to get there. I was just doing my normal raids, when I saw I was around #150 and figured, sure, I’ll go for it! I was only a level 47, and those teams were pretty intimidating, but I figured, WTH, it’s only trophies! And I made it, topping out at 2992.

global #1

Of course, when I woke up in the morning, I had lost 809 trophies, but wow, it was worth it!

I think this shows that anyone can be successful at raiding, and the sky’s the limit! there is great advice from the OP, and I hope my €0.02 was also helpful.


You can re-roll to infinity at 0 food cost, as long as you go to your watchtower and find a revenge target that is online. Game will ask you if you want to change target and do it for free, repeat this operation until you are done with your raiding needs.

Huh? There is a cost to reroll, every single time.

I’ve never been tempted to hit reroll until…


I’m not re-rolling at the moment so I can get more practice at fighting strong teams. I’ve had fun beating 4600+ teams with my 4000 teams, and when I lose I have a good excuse :grin:


I’m not re-rolling to avoid strong teams, I re-roll to avoid <35 trophies. Just not worth it when you lose. That’s the easiest way to drop down out of diamond, losing 40+ trophies when you lose a raid.

My teams are 3500-3600. I nearly always play the spread. Despite what you say, I notice a clear pattern of going up Trophies to 2100-2300, then it’s time to go all the way down to 1800 regardless of what I do. My conclusion is that with the heroes I’ve got, a median of around 2000 trophies is the games way of telling me my place in life. Get too above my station and you get a lesson.