What does it take to reach #1

Well obviously that’s different for everyone. But I decided to record my last leaderboard run. I didn’t expect it to run this long, but I didn’t realize I was way low in cups. Still, I really enjoy these runs, they’re fun and challenging at the same time…

"Had some time to spare and I decided to record the way I usually do my cup runs… I am strictly a 3.1.1 raider these days and I’ve built my roster around this strategy. Also, I have moved away from snipers on my raids and instead focus on maximum damage by combining AoE (Attack on Everyone), Splash Attack (Hit 3 heroes) and stacking DoTs (Damage over Time). Each team has its own strategy in the order specials are charged and executed. They also each have a safety net hero that helps deal with unfriendly boards.

I try to keep all my raids under 2 mins (1:30 minutes max preferably) whenever possible during cup runs since revenges and losses can set you back quickly making the run much harder."

So here it is, split into 3 parts, 32 raids for a 730 cup gain…
I’ve listed the people I raided in each part in case they are here or someone knows them.

vs. Marcus AVG
vs. Pika76
vs. lukino2483
vs. klm
vs. zapwhite1974
vs. Zaphord Bebelbroks
vs. дядя вдня

vs. TheRainmaker
vs. Ferke
vs. 0000
vs. Cali79
vs. Eclipse
vs. Rock7DD
vs. Commander Jesus
vs. ChaosOgre (Took wrong team by accident)

vs. megg17_Youtube
vs. Ming Jew
vs. M■I■C■H■д■Е■L
vs. [ap] Peter
vs. Rutilia
vs. Toorop
vs. фекла
vs. PanKrasnal
vs. тринАдцАтьlй
vs. кайса
vs. Garrison
vs. Alexxxt
vs. SERGE1977
vs. SOLO
vs. JRJR60

@JRJR60 you’re famous!

Loving the raiding choons! :musical_note:

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Ha! Thx, gotta get that playlist just right to get in the zone sometimes :laughing:


Thanks for posting this @Wormwood.

We just had a Helios raiding party the other night. I think we got 3 into the top 10 at the same time. Couldn’t quite time out the 4th.

Fun to see your strategy!

Yeah man, it was fun putting it together. I remember watching these non-stop when I first started. I still enjoy the vids. I’m not sure how other people do their runs, or what strategy if any they use but I’d be curious to find out. Maye someone will share how they do it…


I pretty much just curse at my phone for 40 minutes. Break into the top 10, then get blasted back to the Stone Age.

It’s a tried and true strategy.

I’ll record my next run and share.


I like to take out anyone in Blazing Dawn or Blazing Dusk…

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Hahaha, our strats are incredibly similar…

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Yeah. I have seen you in action. You’re being overly modest.

5 flags mono up to 54.
#1 is my next goal.
But no luck so far.

@Olmor Dude, what happened to the video ?

Seems to work now.

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Nice work! Congrats! N yeah good music aswell ain’t heard some of them in a while!
Against ChaosOgre at 17.07 haha amount of symbols on them! :grimacing:


Thx… :slightly_smiling_face: yeah me neither on some of those songs… I had fun building that playlist… Perfect for raiding, lol…


I like your “Attack on Everyone” (vs “Area of Effect”). :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: thx… “Area of Effect” never made any sense to me…

In older games, it meant an attack or spell that didn’t affect a single person, but affected an area, and anyone inside that area was hit: “area of affect”. (I think it comes from D&D, though I could be mistaken.) :wink:

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