Raid chests+ Advanced Storages

I mentioned it in a 2 yr old dead thread but kinda feel it needs more attention than that

Noticed my raid chest rewards haven’t increased with advanced storage levels

Has anyone else noticed this?

Think it’s a bug or intended?

Further deflates interest in upgrading buildings?

For me, if it’s intended, it’s just 1 less reason for me to invest in the new buildings

Think the new buildings all around topped the raid tourneys for biggest disappointment of 2019…been thinkin on it a bit and thought raid tourneys easily held the crown but considering even post nerf they still offer more rewards at little to no cost than the buildings do(and of course the buildings have very high cost & build times)

@BarryWuzHere have you tracked this at all?

If you’re at all still thinking Raid Tournaments are the biggest disappointment, can I show you Alchemy Lab? :face_with_monocle:

Raid Tournament loot is pretty crappy, but at least it adds variety, which I enjoy a lot.

I can’t say I’ve had any particular enjoyment from my Advanced Iron Storage, either. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, even though the loot stinks, I really enjoy raid tournaments. Helps fill the raid chest, too.

When advanced buildings first came out, I noticed the increase in rewards. 100k+ became much more common. It did seem to taper off though, not improving nearly as much when 22-23 came out. Maybe they coded a hard cap in?

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185k was normal hams at storage level 20

And even at advanced storage level 8

It’s still normal

170k-185k is what I’m noticing

I’m breaking 200k reasonably often

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Guess I got some bad rolls. I used to see a lot of 40-50k food drops. Don’t see those anymore.

Monster chests that’s not surprising

Are you positive that was raid chests in diamond arena with lvl 20 storages?

No. Not 100%. I know I’ve gotten some really crappy drops from both. I’m desperate for food. I will start keeping a better eye on it. I never took the time to really pay attention.

Already screenshotting and spreadsheeting myself

So far:

Spent time on other things today so playing catchup on chests as we speak

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I’ll start tracking it. I’ve definitely noticed a very wide range with monster chests. Raid chests have always been better overall. I’m curious if there will be changes when 24 comes out and we can build another advanced storage.

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It seemed bigger to me but I didn’t track it.

I’d also note that with two maxed advanced buildings, total storage only increases ~12% and if the raid loot is proportional*, that would mean an average of 180k goes to 202k which isn’t a huge jump.

* Note that I have not seen data showing how storage is related to raid loot so I have absolutely no evidence supporting that is proportional.

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More coffee


Has anyone done a proper data mining operation on this subject? If not I’d be willing to head one up if @BarryWuzHere or someone else could advise me on how to set up data collection through Google Sheets.

Multiple people have assured me in another thread I started that it is fact, it is confirmed, but no one has any data to back up their statements.

Considering the importance of using resources wisely I feel this matter deserves a proper statistical treatment.

Since I intend to skip HL and only use the first two levels of AL, I’m wondering if upgrading food storage is worth the resources.

I think there have been a few chest loot data collection projects started and possibly still continuing. They probably don’t collect storage capacity as well that I know of.

The original analysis pointing to storage capacity and raid chest resources being linked was done long before adv buildings existed.

Being a lazy bastard I’ll leave searching the forums as an exercise for the less-lazy :rofl: