Raid motivation

Does anyone else just fill the raid chest then stop caring about raids for the day? Like most other games why don’t they have a weekly reward system? Top 1 player gets a prize and top 1000, top 2000 and so on or split the ranks in to groups such as diamond 1, 2 and 3. I sit around bottom of diamond so I wouldn’t be getting top rewards I still feel like it would greatly increase motivation to keep using raid flags. What do y’all think?

Raiding is by far my favorite past of this game. I wish I had 10,000 raid flasks.

and the weekly reward system is the raid tournament.


If I’m bored I do raids even after the chest’s completion, if I’m too bored to do raids I just attack the titan and close the app.

Sometimes I also raid to gather resources.

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I really like raids. That’s my chance to test out new hero combinations, answer questions about synergies, or otherwise do something silly for my own amusement, like take a newly minted Aife into a diamond arena battle and try to keep her alive


I raid in special for food and chest Because give me more food and I really need it

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I’ll generally use my flags even once I’ve filled my chest, just for the ham/iron from winning. Can make 20-40k per raid without too much re-rolling.

So none of you think a raid ranking reward system would be a good feature?

It already exists, it is the tiered system is for the chest rewards. The user base is so massive for this game and the top 10k rankings are so volatile, that simply rewarding 1 person who happens to be on top at the last second is ridiculous.

The weekly tournaments also serve a similar function, except SG has accounted for the ranking volatility by removing non-payers after they lose enough times.

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That just sounds like the tournament…or the trophies tier system?

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Ah I guess you like what you’re used to. I just think adding rewards and more tiers would be good. Yea good point they could change scoring so the points aren’t so inflated. I think right now there’s just no motivation to work beyond the chest. As said the tournament kicks you out after certain loses, here you could continue to work towards something the entire week. I’m not suggesting removing the tournament just adding another reward system next to it. I guess that would equal more in your inventory though and less money to give E&P.

Usually try to fill 3 raid chest a day when i’m still in tournament, so nope.

I rather skip raid then monster chest.
Rewards are better.