Q Spot looking for 2 to 3 active players

Solid alliance with many members here over a year looking for more easy going but active players. Ideal fit would be able to effectively hit 8 and 9* titans and field war teams capable of attacking 3.6k+ teams or willing to meet those goals in the near future. A nice blend of F2P, P2P, and in between players.

I think so. We are a low stress group that does not require outside messaging apps and 1000% dedication. We have players that take a few days off here and there just give us a heads up etc. We try to prioritize real life over a game but still get good results. We had a couple long term players fade out recently from real life stuff so trying to replace them. We have several strong and active players. Chat is not non stop but we have fun. Overall we try to be balanced and enjoy the game and each other. We have several players of a similar make up to your lineup, but also a few that are a little thinner but sound players that leverage well. Would love to answer question or have you join. Thanks!!

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