Purple Advice - Help me choose

OK I have had a lot of luck with purples lately and have to figure out which to level. I only have enough for one, I have emblems for all and can limit break. I typically raid 3-1-1. Looking for bang for the buck

Current 5* maxed: Lu Bu, Hanna, Khiona, Bastet, Lepiota, Malincna, Sartana, and the 4* purple healers are also maxed/coustumed/LB.

I think I have really narrowed it down to 3 but I will post all options in case I am missing something.

Top 3: Louhi (dispell before attack is awesome), Diaochan those wonderful minions and a fast heal, Hawthorn seems great for offense and titans that give status ailments.

My HeroPlan if you would like to see full roster:

  • Louhi
  • Diaochan
  • Hawthorn
  • Arfranius
  • Alfrike
  • Berra (no costume)

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Thank you in advance for your help!

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Easily Diaochan for me, good luck

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Diaochan, stealing buffs goes a long way against many teams. Then Hawthorn for similar reasons.

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I notice Alfrike is winning so far, Is there a use case outside rush?

In tower events with blessings for mana gain she’s also amazing

But even so I’m for Diaochan and Hawthorn to secure the healers. Purple 5* healers are rare

And then I would go to LuBu (amazing for fiends that block any buff), Bastet (for dodge) and Alfrike, the order depending on your priority events

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Diaochan gets my vote too…
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Diaochan pulls ahead for now!

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