Proportions of rarity drawn from ALL TC levels

Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere before, but I’ve been searching the forums and I’ve only seen it answered for TC20. I’m wondering, what are the percentages for hero rarity obtained for the rest of the TC levels? For instance, I know that TC19 is 100% 1*. Well what’s the proportion of 1* to 2* for TC11? And for TC2 and the elemental ones, etc? I imagine there’s a spreadsheet somewhere someone could point me to. Thanks!

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Edit; missed the stuff about other TC levels.

Enjoy the following summaries of TC20 tho!

And another summary:

From this thread:

@Garanwyn logged a lot of data on this a long while ago, and found it was a 50/50 split for TC2 and TC11.

I’m not sure about the elemental ones, but I would expect they’re the same.


For the lower elemental ones I also feel 50/50 is a reasonable guess (I tested it only once for the green one). For the higher elemental ones, I guess there will be a small percentage for obtaining the 3 stars, but I am not sure whether anyone ever tracked that.

TC2 and TC11 are deinitely 50/50, I have checked it many times. And I guess TC13 has 5% chance of 4 stars and 95% chance for 3 stars. That’s about it.


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Wow, so much there. Thanks! And to all the answerers, thanks. :slight_smile:

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