Prof L, wolfgang or devana for LB

I’ve been blessed with these 3 awesome holy heroes. Wolfgang or Prof will sometimes make the def depending on war/ tourney rules

Which of them should i LB?
Im leaning towards prof, great in any team setup

Poll - Who to Limit Break

  • Prof. Lidenbrock
  • Wolfgang
  • Devana

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Seriously? Wolfgang!!!

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Haha! Why is wolfgang superior?

I don’t know why I just limit broke Wolfgang!!! I just don’t know!!! :rofl: :heart_eyes: :rofl:

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Personally, I think that hitting heroes benefit more from LB because their upgraded stats will also increase a lot their special skill damage, not only their survivability. Considering that Wolfgang hits all and also gives you some heath after 4 turns, I would say that his impact is better.

PS I don’t have Wolfgang, but I have Lidenbrock maxed and emblemed. I preferred to lb Sir Roostley and I will continue with Poseidon. Lidenbrock does her job just fine as she is now.


Wolfgang ftw! :ok_hand:
20 char

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Tks for replies guys
I think ill do wolfgang