Would love some community input in Holy LB

Would love to see what everybody thinks before I pull the trigger!

Which Holy to Limit Break
  • Motega
  • Wolfgang
  • Guardian Gazelle
  • Zekena
  • Odin

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Damn thats like all top yellows.

i would focus on the damage dealing ones and typically faster is better, so odin would be the choice.

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Close for me between Odin and Wolfgang. I personally went Wolfgang but that is because I don’t have Odin. WG is an absolute top tier hero to play with.

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I like Wolfgang (don’t have him) but then my grandson’s middle name is Amadeus :rofl:

As usual, a lot depends on what area of the game you are looking to improve. Wolfgang or Gazelle for health and survivability. Gazelle also boosts attack. Odin or Zekena for damage. Motega for minions/fiends.

Probably Gazelle for Titans. Probably Zekena for mono stacks (extra damage against Dark).

That would be my opinion …

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I limit broke motega… 50% perpetual blind is fantastic and a chance at break. Even the lil minions on the first chaste are spectacular. I get you have better options… But motega for me… Mixed with hanitra… It is usually a given of a win.

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Thanks for all the input and Wofgang got the Aethers. Can’t wait to finish him!

Wolfgang Zekena:

Wolfgang > others for defense
Zekena > others for attacks and titan (G. Gazelle doesn’t need LB)