Present From Rudolph (30-day vip pass) vs 30 Day Pass (shop -> more)

Hello. I just wonder what are the differences between these two Offers. Are they totaly different or Present From Rudolp is a plus (+400 gems) event. Could any one please let me know the differences. Does P.F.R keep giving us +30 gems daily.

Presents from rudolph is same vip package but at lower cost with extra 400 gems

Best deal I’ve seen in a long time

4 bucks for 1300 gems, i jumped on it


@Rigs thanks for the explanation, I thought the same but needed to hear from someone else.

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$3! Read it 20 times.

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Oops lol either way it was a good deal but yes the actual price of $3 makes it even sweeter

Thank you for the correction!

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@littleKAF can you please give some more details, is it different from Shop->More and 30 day pass

the best gift from Rudolf and everyone likes it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

in rudolf promos the price offered is a special price and we also get a 400 bonus gem. for the VIP the same as the VIP store where we still get gems 30 every days, get a loot ticket, building construction can run directly 2 places :wink::wink:

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It’s the Vip offer from the shop for lower price + extra 400 gems, I don’t know what you mean by more details.

@suntanglory ok that is fine, on my screen I dont see any dolars so it gives extra color to misunderstanding

Present from rudolf, 3$ = vip + 400gems
Shop, 5$ = vip

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Others replied. I was sleeping. You got it now. :blush:

Yes @littleKAF I will try in few hours and will share if any thinng is different but most probably it is how we guessed

I bought it. It’s not a guess. Vip for 30 days and 400 gems. I did not have a current vip going, but I hear it just adds time to your current one if you do.


You should say this at the very beginning :slight_smile: yes now its clear.

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