Poseidon's Warriors - Looking for up to 8 to join us

Hi, We are happy alliance but we NEED more members…
We have 22 members, most of us are veterans with deep benches raiding diamond etc. but we have a few up and comers, and we would welcome more.
Hitting 9 star titans, 10s are a stretch now with reduced numbers.
We do pretty well in wars and ask for 100% flags to be used if opted in on war.
Promotions into leadership are awarded for consistent good contributions, and supporting the alliance.
If you think this sounds good feel free to look us up!

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hit titans when you can, but if opted in fir war we expect all flags used… real life is always considered, but we generally see 100% flag use, and this wins wars!

If you are still looking, and interested in a potential merge, please contact me at:

Ice Saber

We’re a small family of alliances looking to fill. Fun, active, stable, experienced.

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