Please help me build my alliance TheUmbrellaAcademy

Canadian Based team however anyone is welcome :heart:
I have been trying to build my alliance for years with no luck so come… join me :slight_smile: :blush:
I play everyday and have very strong teams 4600+ team power. Small titans now, obviously trying to change that. Use all flags or you’ll get the boot. You know, the usual.

Just a suggestion, but you could also add:

  • level titans your hitting
  • number of vacancies
  • a blurb about why players should join? Use all flags? Lots of knowledgeable players? Drama free, fun alliance, love wars etc etc.

GL with recruitment

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Yea I suppose but it’s all the same anyways. Thank you

Ptashnik, if you are looking for a team, we’d be happy to have you. Have folks from all over. It’s a good group of people. Feel free to check us out. Silent Implosion or line me at Toya_76.

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