!Canada Eh! - growing and recruiting 11* titan level

Hey All,

We are looking for some active Canadian players (Not mandatory) We are a laid back group but dedicated to advancing. We do require you to participate in wars. We expect co-operation and that you read the alliance chat.

2200+ Cups
All flags used
lv 35+

Just a great place to learn and grow your teams.

27 / 30 members atm.

at 11* titans now

We also consider Horghall to be a deity that demands tribute and offerings.
Glory to Horghall

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Looking for alliance where everyone is active… I’m level 32

Last 4 wars had 0 flags left. Very active, looking for 3 more fun active Canadian players.

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Hey! I am a Canadian but I am already in an alliance. I just wanted to pop by and say hi. Best of luck!

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3 Spots open. Now 5 War’s 0 Flags left. Also killing 8* titans

I am already in an alliance but they don’t use all of their flags and they’re letting titans go. I’m about ready to leave for an alliance that is fun and where everyone pitches in

if you meet the criteria, find us and request to join.

I think so. I’m level 31, team power 3000+, hover around 1400 cups. I use all my titan and war flags and I participate in chat.

Make that 1600/1700 (made some changes, I did hit 1800 briefly today). Yeah I went to the alliance and there was a button to view, none to request to join…

So I’m up to 1900/2000 these days. I found another alliance but Maybe one day…

2 Spots open
!Canada Eh! request to join.

Fairly seriously alliance. Friendly…fun, but we are improving at a very quick rate, if you join we play to win.

Hey mark, Is this an active alliance?

Yep. improving everyday

Still looking for some fun and chatty people who take the game fairly serious.

Hey I’m canadian, any room left?

Got a couple spots still

I’ll come over tomorrow if that’s cool

1 spot open. 10 star titans now

Bump — join for a laid back but active and good place to have fun.

If you join we do expect active titan participation and war attacks

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