#PlayApartTogether - Discussion

This is the discussion topic for the playaparttogether, a new global campaign by the World Health Organization (WHO), supporting physical distancing through gameplay. Please read the full announcement here:

Some Topics for Discussion

  • How are you planning to participate?
  • Any ideas for community activities you would like to see?
  • Share your tips on how to playaparttogether!

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Great idea.

Well the plan is simple.
Stay home and play E&P(A Lot)


Great project, thanks SG! :slight_smile: Our banner is updated.

We’ll do lots of mercing to practice digital social distancing. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness: We loosened our requirements so people don’t have to stress about the game while having to cope with this new situation at home/in RL. :slight_smile: It is after all still just a game and should be fun - not a burden. :slight_smile:


See here: #PlayApartTogether - Discussion - #4 by Aquaginera_7DD


Very cool initiative. Nice to see Zynga / SG taking the opportunity to highlight some of the good that can come from gaming, and focus the game community to the task at hand.

The Full Moon family of alliances is excited for the #PlayApartTogether , and looks forward to participating :slight_smile:

Thank you SG for not just signing up, but for pledging some fun activities for this community to enjoy together.


I imagine we all have some real world friends who we’d think might enjoy this game. But no extra alliance slots, and knowing the long lead in time for the game… isn’t really practical.

Any thought to adding some alliance slots that can be for new accounts only? Trophy count of those 5 slots shouldn’t affect alliance rank… and simultaneously adding, maybe an experience boost for 2 and 3* heroes… so the new players can get into the meat and potatoes of alliance activities a little quicker.

(I’ve been trying hard to think of something that’d benefit new players without being a slap in the face to the players who started in late 2019, early 2020)

As much as I loathe the Gacha of this game, I’d ask some real world friends to join if I had a spot in the alliance for them to join.


Really cool idea, as crazy as things are getting it’s good to see companies stepping up to raise awareness.

With that said, of course you need to give the Fine Shrubbery Traders a shrubbear avatar…:joy::sunglasses:


@Petri Great! 5fala is taking part of course :heart:
We also created an official post with Polish translation of your annoucement on our official FB page and made a paid promotion of the post.
Hope we can help this way :heart:


Best wishes from 5fala!


This is a great idea, @Petri. #Heliosapproves


We have put the #playaparttogether tag on our description, and are talking about ways to increase our standing while still being understanding of the strain that COVID-19 puts on all of us in various ways. That can be quite challenging, as this has affected many in our alliance with regards to jobs, furloughs and other collateral effects.

Stay safe, stay inside folks.


I’m interested to see how other alliances integrate this initiative.

On the RL side of things, I’ve done a couple virtual game nights with friends… playing Drawful and LieSwatter. Fun times for sure… even with the distance, plenty of laughter to make things feel a little more normal.

There’s now an online version of Cards Against Humanity if anyone is interested.

I love EnP… but sometimes I need a slightly different distraction, especially when I get a string of losses in raids. ahhhh!


UK Adventurers have added #PlayApartTogether to our description.
Great initiative. Thank-you.


I’ll be making scary hippo chomp noises to any player who comes too close, that’s the hippo way :hippopotamus:


Done … uk guild - fully supporting and participating in #PlayApartTogether.
A great initiative. Many thanks.
From the bottom of my heart, please stay safe and healthy everyone. Take care


Great idea.

I’m just curios about real steps. I believe that it is a good time for revising all the alliance related ideas that have been recently proposed. Like friendly in alliance raids, donations in heroes and materials to alliance mates etc.


#PlayApartTogether #SocialDistancing #Stayhomestaysafe #DarkMoon.Family


Mount Olympus alliance joins the initiative we have one member sick with COVID and we want him best luck in getting better as soon as possible. Be safe and stay home.


Thank you SG for this wonderful initiative. We are in. I hope that we can all have some fun and spread awareness about the importance of social distancing to prevent further damage by the virus. I am tagging my leadership group here. :slight_smile:

Leader: @Sarah2
Co-leads: @DBC, @Starlynk, @Keisuk3honda, @rapcoon, @Humongous_Dancer, @WhenWeCollide

#PlayApartTogether #TheIncognitos #SocialDistancing #StayHomeStaySafe


Eagerly awaiting the inevitable POV-esque complaints… “I have to be in an alliance to get rewarded? No fair!”
“I have to log in AND check my inbox? There are only so many hours in a day”


CuteKittens banner updated. Let’s do this together as one community and help saves lifes