How is Coronavirus impacting you

There is a similar post about thoughts going out to Wuhan but now that it has spread I would like to know how Covid-19 is effecting you or anyone you know. Feel free to use the State option if you would like to represent your (country, region, village, or for people in the US your state) As always I hope everyone is staying safe.

  • Its affecting my city
  • Its affecting my state
  • Its affecting me directly (You have it)
  • Its affecting a friend/family member
  • It’s not affecting me at all

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To keep this more relevant to the game please feel free to comment on any play interruptions you have noticed because of coronavirus.

Edit if anyone want to track the virus here is a link to John Hopkins Universities interactive website:




It hasn’t impacted me directly, but we are starting to see more cases in Canada. It is also affecting travel plans for me, but losing money is really not a huge deal when thinking about all the disruptions people are having to deal with in severely affected areas. I sincerely hope things take a turn for the better for these countries.


i thought there were only 7 cases in all of canada?

it hasn’t affected me directly, but my friends and family in China are affected to a certain extent; for example, school hasn’t started yet, so my cousin is staying at home; her father is working on a day on day off basis; every time people leave or go into their gated communities (literally everyone in china lives in gated communities), they have to get their body temperature checked.

etc etc etc.


I’m not sure what this means.

nvm I get what your trying to say …

We are now at 34. It isn’t anything close to some other countries, but it is rising nonetheless. Experts say that we have succeeded in delaying the spread, but that there is no way to really stop it, so I can see that number rise in the future as well.


cant go on a business trip to affected areas.


do you know how many are in the vancouver area? Or are they all in ontario?

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I hope your friend/Family member is doing okay.

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yeah, Tianjin, the city where I’m from, has not had new cases in like a week. None of my friends/family are infected, nor do I know anyone who is.

The only problem is china is completely locked down basically, people can’t really go about their daily lives.


Most of them in Ontario, a good portion in BC as well, and then a couple in Québec.


This virus isn’t affecting me directly. I live in the United Kingdom but we have announced today that we have just over 100 confirmed cases in total, and we have had one fatality.
This issue really isn’t connected to the game but we are a community and we do care for each other.
Stay safe and healthy everyone.


It’s not. Wish people would let it go as it is not really that big of a deal. Media keeps shoving it down everyone’s throat like it’s WW3.

Also…what does this have to do with the game exactly?


So a few things to unpack here:

First, people are making a deal because of how quickly it is spreading without a vaccine available for those who would be especially susceptible.

Second, as it is similar to the flu if more people continue to perish it will be another virus that with be killing people which is disconcerting even if not entirely alarming to some people.

Third, if it is affecting players then it has everything to do with the game. Europe is experience increased numbers in reported cases and that could eventually (however unlikely) roll into causing the games development to slow down.

Finally, I apologize if this post upset you but you didn’t have to come and comment. Hope you have a great day


The second question regarding how it’s affecting your “state” made me think you wanted answers specifically for the USA?

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No one is upset. Just doesn’t make any real, true sense. Why not make a post about the flu? STD’s? These, and others, kill more people every year and spread just as quickly (with some having no cure to this day) than this new strand of an illness that is less potent than the flu. It only affects people that have a preexisting issue with their immune system and/or are of old age. Heck, in the USA, 26,000,000 people have had the flu this year. Where’s the outcry? There is none. Because it’s not new and the news cannot spread the issue of it with panic as they’d like.

It’s literally only getting blown up for 3 reasons: 1) the media 2) it’s new. Like anything new, it has its few minutes of fame and then swept under the rug 3) people keep bringing it up when in reality, it’s not that big of a deal. Just new. Nothing more.

Nothing wrong with concern, but when the actual issue is quite minimal…it’s almost null. I’m not saying I do not wish good health to anyone, but news is not the news without some kind of crisis.

Here’s a link that shows the compassion between the flu and the Coronavirus:


It probably wasn’t the best term to use but it is applicable on a global level since state can refer to more out side of the United States. I will edit the post to address this if it is a point of confusion.


I understand the argument you are making but the reality is that:
The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly. Since this is a new virus, people do not have immunity to it, and a vaccine may be many months away. Doctors and scientists are working on estimating the mortality rate of COVID-19, but at present, it is thought to be higher than that of most strains of the flu.

Here is an article that compares both.

Now this post or thread were not here to spread fear but more as way to see who is affected in our games community.

There is outcry because the flu can be mitigated through vaccination but there are people who choose not to be vaccinated. Covid-19 has no vaccine so it isn’t preventable except for by staying away from those infected, the flu by comparison does not require quarantine to quell its spread.

Edit: I understand where you are coming from so please dont take this the wrong way.


Perhaps the term region?

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I can no longer edit the poll so I added a portion in bold to the original post to address any confusion.

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