Pet Dragons

I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube and have seen some have little dragons on their stronghold? Do you get one if you summon vivica or is it something else that you have to do?

The dragon appears when you purchase the VIP pass.


Players who have dragons on their Stronghold are the ones with VIP Pass. Everyday, it gives 30 gems, loot tickets and some emblems, as well as an extra builder. Vivica has nothing to do with that dragon.

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So if I’m free to play, the only way I can get the dragon is to refer x amount of friends to get the VIP?

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Exactly. Or earn some income online, i.e. surveys and let the earnings buy you the VIP Pass.


Brilliant idea, thanks :slight_smile:

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When you purchase vip. That is how you get the pet dragon.

Should mention that the dragon is only there when VIP is active. So once your VIP expires, Sparky goes away.

The other way to get the free VIP pass is:

Start a new account (we will call it A to avoid misunderstangings), invite it into the game with the old account (the one you have so far), make the A account your main, get free VIP pass for 10 days + 100 gems when you hit level 5 with the A account. That would mean scratch all progress on your current account.

Use the A account to invite a number of other accounts you make + develop each of those other accounts to level 10. By doing so, you get an extension of the free VIP for max up to 120 days + up to 600 additional gems + up to one pet dragon avatar (see the rewards in the Inbox-Invites section of the game).

So when you do all that, you have yourself a free VIP pass of 130 days.

A lesser known fact about the VIP pass: the pet dragon can be hit for a last pile of gems/emblems/loot tickets right before it disappears, so watch those last expiration seconds closely and be ready to hit on the little critter before it runs away!

The dragon’s nest stays a couple days after the dragon disappears to litter your nice castle just a bit as a reminder to buy the VIP. Not that it’s not worth it, but it’s best to wait on a special VIP deal. There was one right after Christmas.

Also make sure all of those extra accounts are on different Google accounts just to be safe.

It may sound like a big endeavour but it’s not quite so, since most of the stuff is simply Autoplaying S1 6-7 to get the needed experience to hit level 10. Pretty much can be done with the starting team, ok they require a bit of level up to do it with a 100% success rate.

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