Ow, my flasks!

Trials of Mysticism, Fables of Grimforest, and Santa’s Challenge all at once. And a rare wanted mission, too! I guess SGG wants to sell some flasks, but I ain’t buyin’.

The non-buying priorities:

  1. Ice chest (S1 8-7)
  2. Trial
  3. Fables
  4. Santa can wait

I finished the Trials before starting on Grimforest.

Santa’s Challenge will wait until after Grimforest, we’ve got a month still.

As for your Rare Wanted Mission, Grimforest Rare 1 should give you around 5 Ice monsters per WE, so you’re only 3-4 WE from finishing off that Chest. I’d do that instead of 8-7.


I had my ice chest… yesterday. And because I was distracted, burnt 12 WE on 7-4 before noticing.

I decided the 3rd trial stage just isn’t worth 20 energy right now.

Thanks for the tip with the ice monsters, @zephyr1 - that helped. Managed to complete the Trials of Mysticism without burning through too many battle materials and just finished Legendary Fables of Grimforest today (by the skin of my teeth - 2 of my 6 maxed 5*s are red, making them useless for this challenge). Gonna keep working on the lower rare levels to make sure I stay in the top 10000.

Then 26-1/2 days left for the remaining 17 advanced stages of Santas’s Challenge.

Just wish the game wasn’t so stingy with the hardwood lumber…


You’re welcome, and congrats on Trials of Mysticism and Grimforest!

I used to run out of Hardwood Lumber sometimes, but now that I only use Axes for Challenge Events, it’s pretty easy to keep in stock. I have 283 Axes left at the moment, plus 446 Hardwood Lumber on hand. I think you’ll have an easier time stocking it if you can get to a point where you’re not using many Axes day-to-day. The hardest to sustain is if you’re using them on Titans.

I’m out of everything after Trials, Grimforest, Santa’s Challenge and titans!

I need to go farming in Atlantis!

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I always keep WE for Atlantis Rises only, so… every Trials, Grimforest, Santa’s Challenge (on going, currently Normal finished and Advanced 5 more stage left, santa challange have plenty time, 27 days left now), so I hold, and running event challange grimforest instead, and also worthy quest like gems quests. All of those without using WE flask to refill.

I miss farming S1 8-7 to test out my shiny unleveled heroes (Pixie, Buddy and Gretel), but I should hold until Event challange is end.

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I’m always out of lumber. How did you phase axes out of your titan attacks? Just harpoons?

I just decided to stop using them months ago, because it didn’t seem sustainable.

I use Arrows or Harpoons, Turtle Banners, Antidotes or Bear Banners (depending on the Titan color), and Minor Healing Potions. I’ve been doing that for months, so that seems to be a sustainable mix.


Yeah, well, my epic and legendary teams aren’t that deep yet, so I often need dragon attacks to finish the final round of the trials.

I’m going to try to switch to mana potions and bombs for my crippling attacks, but I just don’t have the firepower in all classes yet.

Another flask-killing congruence approaching tomorrow:

  • Springvale Day 3
  • Challenge Event
  • Trial of Somethingorother

Now all we need is a rare quest, a rare wanted mission, and a Find Gems quest.


Be careful what you ask for!

I kept one flask back from AR. Got another from POV. One more showed up in a wanted chest. And I expect the usual one for the challenge event.

So hopefully I’m good. I expect all of the above, including the rare quest, PLUS POV dailies that require 40-50 energy and don’t align with any of the others.

And the glass is half empty.

The last couple of days have been another prime example of this: the current challenge event launched at the same time (+/- 1 hour) as the Wednesday Trial of [Whatever]. And both of them at the same time as Find Battle Items I and II. Followed by Find Gems I and II.

I’ll bet we get a rare quest, too, before the weekend’s out.

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Yes, but I haven’t used a flask yet and don’t intend to. The battle item quests hold little interest to me though.