Our first eight*titan , any suggestions from the veterans would be appreciated!


Well our alliances grown and we finally beat a seven* Titan and the next one was this ugly, scary eight*. Any lineup suggestions for me I would like to do well


Stack reds, Wu Kong, and antidotes.
A good 4* team could be Wu, BT for the attack buff, Gormek for the defense debuff, Falcon for the elemental defense debuff, and Scarlett for high tile damage


Thanks appreciate it I don’t have falcon but I have the rest it’s funny I tried stacking red’s on my second try and it worked out well, it’s kind of cool because I’ve been with this alliance and watched everybody grow and all of a sudden we’ve made it to a 8*, very exciting old hat for some but crazy for us :crazy_face:


You also can try arrows along side stacking at least 2 to counter colors. Red in this case. And droping weaker color. Blue in this case

Also attack buff defense debuff banners.


…and the timing of the skills is important of course. Use the skills of BT, Gormek, (Falcon) and Wu at the same time, when the board is looking good. Maybe you want to use mana potions too.


IMO better take wilbur than gormek